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Carry All Lighter Pouch

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Carry-All Lighter Pouch

test 1Carry-All Lighter Pouchtest 2Carry All Lighter Pouchtest 3Carry-All Lighter Pouchtest 4 Carry-All Lighter Pouch

Carry All Lighter Pouch

In Stock

Available for Delivery



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Carry All Lighter Pouch

Carry All Lighter Pouch



Black formed nylon construction. Will hold one Zippo or similar style lighter.


Code SH281
Limited Edition: No
Brand: Carry All
Materials: Nylon


  1. You get what you pay forReview by
    I have this, pretty obviously, on my belt and it does fit a Zippo....BUT....don’t expect it work straight from the bag.
    I shoved my prized Zippo into it as soon as I took the pouch out of the bag then found I couldn’t get the Zippo out!
    No great problem really, you just need to ‘break it down’ a bit. All I did was scrunch it up, really crush it in my hands in all directions.
    I soon found that the Zippo not only fitted but could be withdrawn without the risk of pulling the lid off the lighter.
    Yes it is still a little bit tight but I know push up from the bottom and the Zippo pops out like a new born baby smeared in vasoline.
    It’s not an ideal solution as it does crease up the pouch but at this price what do you expect?ngree Trier
    (Posted on )
  2. Zippo hinge problemReview by
    Like other reviewers I found that you can put the Zippo in, but when you try to remove it the hinge catches and it gets totally stuck. Extremely difficult to get the Zippo out and no chance if the pouch is on your belt. (Posted on )
  3. Multi use but not perfect by any meansReview by
    Much like others I've found this to be quite hard to use as the hinge on the zippo catches on the beading when trying to remove. I tried leaving a 18650 battery case in it for a few days to try and stretch it but it's well made and soon returned to its original shape.

    In the end using it made the nylon fray so I've had to melt the beading inside with a hot knife slightly which does make it easier and with the tip on how to remove mentioned by Cameron it actually does work well for price.

    And not just for lighters it holds batteries,pill cases and if your a vaper it'll hold two small 5ml refill bottles or maybe zippo style 20ml one although the specs say it's 10mm biggers than a standard zippo.

    Well please for I paid for it.
    (Posted on )
  4. Absolute garbageReview by
    The hinge on my lighter gets caught on the lip of the pouch and it becomes *extremely* awkward to get back out. Poorly designed and totally unfit for purpose. Definitely not a "carry all". (Posted on )
  5. Absolute bargain!Review by
    For £1.95 this is such a well built, sturdy piece of kit! Holds a Zippo perfectly and the button snap closure is solid, so no chance of it popping open without you noticing. The belt loop is on securely and this will easily attach to belts of around 1.5"-1.75" width.
    Tip: When removing your lighter, lift the hinged side up and out at a slight angle first as lifting from the opposite side will open the lighter and cause it to get stuck inside, potentially damaging the hinge if removed with to much force.
    (Posted on )
  6. Great lighter pouch at an amaxing priceReview by
    Bought, as others have for my Zippo. Fits my Blackhawk QCB belt perfectly and takes the abuse of getting in and out of my car. I have genuine leather Zippo pouches but find they come undone and fall off, nothing like that from this little gem.
    Thanks once again HH :)
    (Posted on )
  7. class pouchReview by
    A good looking pouch perfect for my zippo, have paid a lot more in the past for something not as good, great stuff. Service from HH fantastic. (Posted on )
  8. Great for PhotographersReview by
    Just the right size to hold a spare digital camera battery & memory card. (Posted on )
  9. Cheaper and BetterReview by
    I have a leather Zippo pouch that was more expensive and yet it pops off my belt without me noticing, this one is cheaper and better, my lighter is now secure at all times. Thanks HH. (Posted on )

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