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CarBee-Sharp Multi-Head Sharpener

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CarBee-Sharp Multi-Head Sharpener

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CarBee-Sharp Multi-Head Sharpener

In Stock

Available for Delivery



Back Order Item

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CarBee-Sharp Multi-Head Sharpener

CarBee-Sharp Multi-Head Sharpener



CarBee-Sharp Multi-Head Pocket Carbide Sharpener

CarBee-Sharp is the most convenient sharpener you will ever own.  This CarBee-Sharp consists of a special multi-profile carbide head permanently affixed to a body of high-impact injection-molded plastic and protected by the unique Securi-Klip cap.  It is so small and unobtrusive in the pocket that you will find yourself taking it along most everywhere you go.  Handy enough to carry to work or take along in the car.  Light enough to travel with you when biking, hiking, hunting and fishing, etc.  Compact enough that it doesn’t steal valuable space in your tool kit, back pack or bicycle pouch.

CarBee-Sharp sharpens all sorts of knives, garden implements, scissors, tools, etc. Use it for touching up your kitchen knives, pocket knives, scissors or poultry shears. Out in the garden you can restore a good edge to axes, secateurs, hoes, spades, scythes, etc. Sharpen draw knives, chisels, scrapers and other professional tools in your workshop.

Always used dry. The carbide multi-head of the CarBee-Sharp is specially designed to sharpen, finish and polish without any lubricants or cutting fluids. No oil or water is ever needed to obtain excellent results. You can restore a keen cutting edge to knives and tools in less than five minutes and there is never any messy clean up.

  • Take-Anywhere Carbide Sharpener
  • Sharpens Almost Anything
  • Convenient & Portable
  • Sharpening, Edge Refining, Burnishing
  • No Oil or Water Needed! 


Code CAR80
Limited Edition: No
Brand: CarBee-Sharp
Dimensions (cm) Non Config: 8.0 x 1.2 x 2.5
Product Weight (g): 34


  1. I liked it so much I bought five.Review by
    I liked it so much I bought five.
    3/Has a lanyard hole for Paracord or split rings etc.
    I put one on my house keyring set & tied some others on different survival knives I have.
    I may buy more?Be good to have one in a First Aid kit.
    (Posted on )
  2. Knife shaverReview by
    This is a sharpener that literally cuts steel, its great for removing dents in knives and machetes but also for creating a whole new edge.
    One word of warning, wear chain mail gloves when using this.
    I use it most days and over several years it shows no sign of wear or damage, that probably equates to at least a thousand edges worked on with no loss of efficiency.
    It’s quite awesome.
    (Posted on )
  3. Compact & very effective.Review by
    I am thinking of putting this on my Key ring with a split ring or you can use Paracord to tie to anything or anywhere?On a 'Survival knife',First Aid Kit,around your neck or hang it in the Kitchen.

    Very clear instructions on how to use it.I thouht it would be bigger but really it is a 'perfect' size.
    I tried it on an old kitchen knife & I could 'feel' & 'hear' it scraping the edge & finished off with the reverse side & it was very sharp after just a few strokes.

    The main advantage for me is it's portability & the cap is very secure once clipped on.The Lanyard hole is a huge plus as most small sharpeners=stone or diamond have no hole or loop,etc & have to be stored in a pocket,etc.

    Made in France.........Fancy that.The pen clip thing is fine but only made of thin plastic I would not trust it myself(maybe up to 75%??It's rthe 25% that loses it!) but the hole on the end is rock solid.

    I ordered 2 but HH only had one in stock.So on backorder now.Never seen this type before..................Always have a look in Sharpners,etc to see anything new.Well worth the £10.95.I may buy some more to tie to important tools that could use a touch up when used for a bit.

    Would be great for Service Personel,Carptenter's,Woods people,Campers,Trades people,Hunters...............anyone not wanting to carry a big case of knife sharpening gear about.
    (Posted on )
  4. UsefulReview by
    I bought this particular carbide sharpener not to sharpen knives and tools but to use with Ferro rods as a striker. Works really well for this task.
    I have used it to smooth out burrs and dings on some kitchen knives and it works as you would expect. Just be careful it is sharp and it is hard enough to shave lumps of most steels
    (Posted on )

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