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Byrd Tern

18+ Age Restriction Icon

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Byrd Tern

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test 1Byrd Terntest 2Byrd Terntest 3Byrd Terntest 4 Byrd Tern
test 1Byrd Terntest 2Byrd Terntest 3Byrd Terntest 4 Byrd Tern

Byrd Tern

18+ Age Restriction Icon

In Stock

Available for Delivery



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Please note that this item will be dispatched once in stock. We estimate that stock will be here in 4 – 6 Weeks


Byrd Tern

Byrd Tern



The BY23 Byrd Tern is a non-locking folding balde knife. As more counties enact strict knife laws, the concept of non-locking knives continues gaining momentum.

The Tern has a black G-10 handle resistant to warping and fading. The blade is held in the open position during cutting by a notched-joint at the knife’s pivot. When closing the blade, the notch produces resistance functionally similar to traditional slip-joint penknife. To enhance control and comfort there’s a deep finger choil which jogs the index finger into position on the bottom of the blade directly under the thumb.

Placing the index finger in the choil, the finger acts as a stop, inhibiting the blade from closing when cutting and allows the user to choke-up closer to the cutting edge with comfort and dexterity. A wire clip positions the folder to carry deep in a pocket, tip-up and ready for use left or right-handed. The Tern has an 8Cr13Mov leaf-shape full flat-ground blade available in a PlainEdge. The handle is assembled with screw-together construction..

Should you wish the pocket clip to be moved, please let us know at the time of purchase. These clips are notoriously tricky to re-fit.


Code BY23GP
Limited Edition: No
Brand: Byrd
Blade Material: 8Cr13MoV Stainless Steel
Blade Length (cm): 7.0
Blade Thickness (cm): 0.3
Overall Length (cm): 16.2
Handle Material: G10
Lock Type: Non-locking
UK Friendly Carry: Yes


  1. Nice EDC good value for £Review by
    Arrived nice and sharp and has done everything asked of it so far. Not “razor” sharp out of the box but that suits me fine, anything with a too fine edge tends not to stand up to being used as my EDC for very long anyway.
    The finger choil gives a strong reassuring grip which is always a point of consideration with a slip joint. Clip is fine. Scales are ok- not overly refined but more than adequate for what I need from it.
    Opening was very stiff at first on mine but with a bit of use, drop of oil and general familiarisation, one hand open and close is easy enough. It’s never gonna open like my CS Ti-lite but being legal carry this a good option to have with me at all times and makes a nice change rotating between things like Swiss Army knife, Heinnie Tech Tool 1 etc.
    (Posted on )
  2. Great, robust EDC Review by
    For the money, or even substantially more money, I can’t fault this. The slip joint is nice and tight and the blade opens really positively. The same at the halfway point which is a great touch. Nice and sharp straight from the box too. (Posted on )
  3. For UK EDC is great knifeReview by
    I own this little thing for almost year, using for light jobs and daily tasks around house. Great quality, keep sharp edge I was sharpen this few times, but mainly to keep it razor sharp. Slipjoint works great, I opened and closed this knife around tousand times during this year and still working superb. I have quite big hands size 10, and it fits to my hand very well.Easy one hand opening. I was considering buying spyderco Ukpk, but this was much cheaper, besides this is my first slipjoint folder ever, so I wasnt sure if will work for me, but I will recommend for everyone. Next on my list is Ukpk Hennie edition, but cost much more than byrd so I must wait a while untill get one. So for those who is not sure about is it enough for EDC, just get one and enjoy. (Posted on )
  4. RecommendedReview by
    An excellent knife to carry without worrying about illegal carry - BUT dont flash in public or take to the wrong venue as it looks like a Byrd lock knife .
    Very sharp but needs oiling and is very stiff too at first which lightens up a bit with use ! - Still prefer my stainless lock knife although illegal to carry - stupid UK laws - still lethal with this legal carry (or a stanley blade !) - absolutely crackers !
    (Posted on )
  5. For the price, very good.Review by
    I already have a few Spyderco slip joints, and wanted to try a better value equivalent for use at work.

    Ergonomically perfect for my quite large hands. So comfortable!
    G10 scales grippy and feel pleasant.
    Decent enough steel, razor sharp out if the box.
    I love the design and useful pocket clip for deep carry in pocket.
    Very light yet feels robust.
    Pleasant slip joint mechanism that is strong and feels very safe for most tasks.
    Size is not threatening, and design is slightly playful with unusual hole in the blade. Better choice of colours would help this even further.
    For the price, extremely good really.

    Grease used from factory makes operation feel sticky and reluctant, little blast with a decent lube improves this hugely.
    Finish on underside edge of the G10 was a bit sloppy, but a light sanding with some 320 grit paper transformed it to perfect.
    A screw was missing in scale, but I just put another one from another multi tool I don't use, and looks better than standard!

    Get this knife, it's great!

    (Posted on )
  6. Ideal EDCReview by
    I really like the Tern. For me this really is ideal EDC.

    It's light, easy to open one handed, has a great clip and not so expensive that you feel the need to baby it.

    I have no complaints about the quality or how it has held up over approx 7/8 months pocket time.
    (Posted on )
  7. PerfectReview by
    In my opinion better than another similar style brand. (Posted on )
  8. nigh on perfectReview by
    had this maybe 6 months now.

    +superb fit and finish
    +light & slim
    +non-aggressive look
    +one hand operation

    also, your index finger naturally fits to the blade choil making it a superbly safe slipjoint.

    Had I paid double for this i would still be happy, it really is a great edc.
    (Posted on )
  9. Bargin EDC!Review by
    This is, as all the reviews say, an awesome knife at a great price. haven't been able to loosen the screw to switch the pocket clip to left hand carry but thats nearly an issue. Love that its one hand operable, small foot print and non threatening enough that I've used it pretty much everywhere with no one really noticing it. Lock up is secure and no fear of it closing on fingers.

    If you're looking to get a good starter EDC then this is the way to go if your in the UK. HH with amazing service too, recommend to anyone!
    (Posted on )
  10. Won't disappointReview by
    This knife is extremely lightweight, razor sharp, smooth to open, and very unlikely to fail on you. For those of you who are not fans of the slipjoint (some of us don't have a choice when it comes to legal carry knives) you won't find a problem with this one.
    The back bar is very sturdy and the finger choils with aggressive jimping let you grip it better than many other similar models. In short, the slipjoint will not fail unless you are putting the knife in enough pressure to break your own fingers.
    It is great for everyday tasks and it weighs less than pocket change, can't go wrong with it
    (Posted on )
  11. Small wonder.Review by
    I received this 3 weeks ago, next day delivery as well for no extra charge. First impression is the deceptively small size compared to my old Delica. With the blade deployed the choils become apparent as being part of the overall handle length rather than just the blade, if gripped properly there is little chance of folding it up on your fingers, if you do you are abusing the knife by forcing it to do a job intended for a heavier fixed blade knife, this knife has a fine needle point for delicate work, its not a cro-bar or a pad saw! The G10 scales are perfectly machined with just the right texture, the clip is fine for pocket carry but a tad tight for thicker belts. The blade is almost perfect, the only flaw I could see/feel was a tiny line near the tip where a laser cutting scorch mark had been buffed out but its no biggie. Lock up is solid with no play at all, opening is stiff to start with but with some Muc-off wet lube and a bit of use it smooths out nicely while retaining the positive half stop as a just in case safety. 5 stars for now until its seen a year of service and I can give a more informed review. (Posted on )
  12. Wait and see...Review by
    Many years ago (1997?) I owned a Spyderco Delica with an ATS-34 blade, which cost me like $30 odd dollars on a trip to the US but sadly I lost it at some stage. The current equivalent is a 154CM steel Spydie but I haven't got that much spare pocket money right now so I have just ordered a Tern. Fingers crossed I can give it's a week use and post a review as soon as I get my grubby mitts on it! Will Heinnie ever be importing an orange G10 version? (Posted on )
  13. Excellent Service by HeinnieReview by
    I mirror what a lot of other reviewers said - great UK legal EDC, nice and slim and light, good edge and good grip with the thumb grip and choil meaning it can't close on yours fingers.
    After around 18 months the back spring cracked across meaning the blade wouldn't stay in any position (a couple of other reviewers mention this). A quick mail to HH and they told me to return for warranty. I posted 2nd class on Saturday afternoon and just received a new replacement first thing on Wednesday morning!!!
    Amazing HH customer service - especially in the busy Christmas shopping period.
    (Posted on )
  14. A Tern for the betterReview by
    I really like this knife. The blade offers a capable, handy size, and a nice controlled feel in the hand. One hand opening on my example is quiet, yet definite. Truly ambidextrous, another design advantage. The Byrd trademark cutout is, for me, more positive than some of its Spyderco kin. The excellent G10 scales are reassuring and tactile. A step up from the usual GRN. Resistant to slipping out of your grasp, yet easily retrieved from wherever you clip it. It won't fray the edge of your pocket. Mine weighs a comfortable 59 grams. I tried carrying it clipped inside my trousers waistband for a few months, and whilst it keeps pocket clutter to a minimum that way, time, daily use, and a relentless beer gut eventually took their toll on the wire clip, and it loosened. But due to its simple construction, it was easy to realign the clip with fine pliers, without any disassembly. Maybe it is best clipped to a pocket, after all. The edge on mine is a bit thick. But it cuts like a champ, regardless. The full-length back spring adds a little to the heft. Yet overall the knife is thin, and fits my hand very well. If you are not sure if the slightly larger (but popular) Spyderco U.K. Penknife is for you, the Byrd Tern is a very good alternative. And Heinnie's? Probably the best web store on the planet. Cheers! (Posted on )
  15. With me every dayReview by
    I've had my Byrd Tern for nearly a year now. It's been the perfect UK friendly EDC blade. Takes a great edge and holds it very well, and I use it daily, occasionally giving it a couple of swipes across a ceramic rod. It's a pretty tough little knife too. I dropped it on a concrete floor the other day, and where it landed on the G10 handle barely shows up.

    Of course I use other knives as well, but this one is still always in my pocket. I bought this knife before I was really aware of HH, but I felt it was time to write my own little review of it. Buy one, from HH, you won't regret it.

    (Posted on )
  16. Arrived rustyReview by
    Got this knife in the mail today (ordered thursday, arrived next tuesday). Build quality is good, blade is super sharp, well centred, clicks into place nicely. No complaints on that.

    However, the blade arrived covered in little rust spots. This is not what I expect from a new knife. I've got half a dozen other 8cr13mov knives, and while they will develop rust spotting if not kept oiled, it shouldn't be like this brand new. So, that's somewhat disappointing, but the overall knife is good enough that it's not enough for me to return it.
    (Posted on )
  17. Ok KnifeReview by
    In the beginning this was a really good every day carry knife. It's razor sharp and holds a good edge and its extremely handy for those little everyday tasks. Carried it for about 8 months until the slip lock broke as the metal locking bar in the back between the handle scales broke straight through.

    Would've given it 5 stars, but in my book it failed way too early.
    (Posted on )
  18. Awesome.Review by
    I was looking for an affordable UK Legal Carry & a friend recommend this, he wasn't wrong.
    Very comfortable in the hand, easy to open & close one handed, good texture on the G10 scales, nice and light.
    I'd also definitely recommend one of these for a great UK Legal option at an awesome price.
    (Posted on )
  19. Cracking Little EDCReview by
    Was looking for an EDC knife for a while and had seen numerous options on here but couldnt decide so figured it best to look at some in the flesh so to speak.

    Ended up going to a shop which was local to me and had a fair number of the knifes available on this site in stock.

    I was looking for something that wouldnt be too heavy in pocket and with a slim profile but also be a bit sturdier than your typical Swiss Army type knife. Before getting a hands on i was 90% on an Enzo but that all changed pretty quickly.

    I thought i could live without one handed opening but it became instantly apparent that it was a must for me, so that ruled out the Enzo and a couple of others.

    Handling the various remaining knives a few, such as the Boker XS were just plain too heavy for pocket EDC. Additionally the blade designs on some didnt seem particularly versatile (some Bokers) or necessarily straight forward to sharpen.

    So then left with essentially 3 choices, Spyderco UKPK, SOG Slipzilla or Byrd Tern.

    Slipzilla was discounted as soon as i realised that, even though the 'lock up' was fairly positive, the blade could close on your fingers.

    When left with the UKPK and Tern, first thing is that the UKPK is quite a bit bigger, UK friendly yes but still definitely larger than the Tern.

    Secondly, the Tern has a significantly thicker spine, full length back spring and, in my opinion, better feeling scales.

    Lastly the Tern is half the price of the UKPK!!

    Decision made, Byrd Tern purchased 6 months ago.

    Over the past few months this little knife has served me remarkably well across a multitude of tasks, from food prep to cutting flooring (cleaned and sterilised inbetween of course lol). It takes a perfectly acceptable edge and has been effectively resharpened with a simple pocket field sharpener followed by a few strops across my belt on numerous occasions.

    I keep looking to see if there are any new alternatives out there to give my little buddy a break but nothing has tempted me at even 3 times the price.

    Quite simply nothing beats the Tern as a value for money, pocketable, useable tool which has the added benefit of being the least offensive looking when compared to the competitors i considered it against. Sure the UKPK, for example, has a nicer action but for twice the price?

    I cannot recommend this little knife highly enough as an EDC, to my mind basically perfect.
    (Posted on )
  20. SurprisedReview by
    Wasn't expecting much from this, bought it for a friend who isn't really in to knives but he seems to like my UKPK (FRN model). Fit and finish is excellent with only a few minor details that you really don't notice unless you're looking. Blade came shaving sharp out of the box (although the grind seemed a bit lopsided) and the G10 scales and full length back spacer means this looks and feels nicer than my much more expensive UKPK.
    If you are on the fence about buying one of these to carry, I'd say go for it. It's a lot of knife for what you pay.
    (Posted on )
  21. Great StuffReview by
    Much sturdier than i expected should last for years..
    How do they manage to do that super fast delivery....Eh.
    I won't be using anyone else again... Many Thanks.
    (Posted on )
  22. One Of My FavourtesReview by
    This little knife is a constant "go to" for me. Could be described as a little shabby in the finish, but only on really close examination. My hands are large, and despite its size, it feels really comfortable in the hand, and just feels good. Takes a perfectly good edge,. Despite being a bit tighter to open than say, a UKPK, I kind of like the noticeable half stop when opening, and very distinct slip joint engagement when opened. As with the UKPK, the thumb ramp and choil, are a natural grip extension, and certainly my Tern feels rock solid when held correctly. Sure, I am a big fan of the UKPK, and clearly, the fit and finish are superior, but so is the price. Sometimes, I prefer the feel of the Tern, and I wish Spyderco would bring out another UK friendly option in the Byrd range. A genuinely good little knife, reading some reviews, I guess that some Q.A. issues have arisen from time to time. I can only comment on the knife which I have, and in sensible applications, I have every confidence in it, and is my default selection on a regular basis. (Posted on )
  23. Great budget EDCReview by
    Prepper Al obviously got a lemon, a shame to leave a 1 star review based on that.
    I've owned several Byrds (sold them for a brief period, so had a fair amount of stock) and still regularly carry the Tern and the Wings.
    I can't fault the Tern really. I've got one of the very first that left the factory, sent out by Sal himself for feedback from users, and it's become a favourite. There was a slight issue with the tang/backspring interaction * it was easily fixed with a bit of diamond file work and b) Sal saw this issue and addressed it with the factory producing the Byrd knives.
    I've owned an awful lot of UK friendly knives, and most of the offerings from Spyderco. A lot of people favour the Squeak, UKPK and Urban, but for me the Tern just clicked. I'd say the frame size is between that of the UKPK and Urban which suits me just fine. 8Cr isn't the best steel, no doubt, however it takes and holds a very nice edge and, while the retention isn't amazing, bringing the edge back to its best requires minimal work. As far as the scales go, I much prefer the G10 used than the FRN on the similarly priced lightweight UKPK.
    It's a shame the price has increased since release, but it can still be had for £25 new, or around the 15-20 mark on the second hand market. For that kind of money it's hard to beat the Tern in my opinion.
    (Posted on )
  24. SnappedReview by
    I got this knife from Heinnie and thought it was great. It was easy to open and close one handed. Then after 1 month of ownership I opened it to use the blade and heard the snap! The backspring had broken in two.

    One phone call to Hennie had a returns bag sent to me posted it back and I was offered a replacement. Never again I wouldn't touch another Byrd knife at all. If you are considering one don't. Just save another few quid and get the UKPK.
    (Posted on )
  25. Exceeded expectation by a long wayReview by
    Most of the legal folders I've bought for my collection have met my expectation out of the box, the Byrd Tern has exceeded expectation by quite a long way. I'd read the reviews, in particular the side by side comparisons with its more expensive "brother", but the fit and finish was flawless. Even the often referred to clip removal was without problem.

    Carelessly I nicked a trailing finger the first time I closed up. My fault but IMHO the half-stop is a little strong which was the knife's contribution to the problem.

    I really like the unadorned simplicity of the G10 scales compared with its more expensive "brother" and hey, it has a full length backspring, unlike...

    Too pointy to carry in town and I'll probably take the slightly more substantial Trance 42 to the woods and camping, but the Byrd Tern does exactly what is says on the box at a great price.
    (Posted on )
  26. Strange!Review by
    I have never had a knife that looks like this that wasn't a locker. It seems strange not to have one but after using it for a while, it works really well, the choils making a lock redundant. Really nicely made, very sharp and most of all, UK legal carry (assuming that you use it as the tool that it is). I’m very pleased with it! (Posted on )
  27. Spot OnReview by
    I've had this little beauty for a couple of weeks now and it's awesome, I use it every day and it's still super sharp. No problems whatsoever. Service from Heinnie was top quality as always, best prices and fastest delivery on the web. (Posted on )
  28. UKPK wannabe, or is it?Review by
    The Byrd Tern has been my EDC for a year now and I use it daily. I've used it to cut just about every material a knife could ever be expected to cut.

    I also own 3 UKPKs, after 3 months of owning my first one I snapped the tip off the blade (entirely my fault). Heartbroken I bought two more and the Tern as a "use and abuse" knife.

    One year on and the UKPKs are still boxed. The Tern has taken the limelight. I am not saying the Tern is as good a knife as the UKPK, it's not, it's a great all round budget EDC but the UKPK has better... well everything. The UKPK is a bit too nice though, the edge is so fine and the materials so pretty that you'll mother it.

    The Tern however is cheap enough, rugged enough and has a small enough blade with a tough enough edge that you'll not hesitate to whip it out and just use it. It'll handle anything you ask with ease, instilling itself as your "trusty old knife", surely when you get down to it that's what a pocket knife is all about...?
    (Posted on )
  29. Great littoe EDCReview by
    I've had this for a few weeks now so feel happy to comment. It came quick, so another great job by Heinnie.

    This knife has been in my pocket almost every day nly occassionally moving over for my canoe. It isn't scared of work and has run the list from peeling fruit to opening packaging and even slicing up pipe tobacco. Came sharp and has shown no sign of loosing the edge.
    (Posted on )
  30. Good ByrdReview by
    I have to give this knife 5 stars. The one I received is very good in every respect, fit finish, sharpness. The usual Heinnie service. I do not have a Spyderco UKPN to compare to but the Byrd is virtually half the price, no wonder it's on the Heinnie best seller page. (Posted on )
  31. Byrd Tern, should you turn from thisReview by
    Rating (Posted on )
  32. Excellent product and serviceReview by
    I ordered the knife and it was delivered within 24hours, outstanding service. If the knife matches the service it will be a very worthwhile investment. The knife itself appears to be of reasonable quality and I am sure if looked after it will provide reliable and longlasting use. (Posted on )
  33. Good in every way but 1Review by
    It's an excellent knife for the money, I bought it and it was literally razor sharp out of the box and I've thumped on it an it's still really sharp. The only problem is that I was going through the garage and the wire pocket clip got caught and bent, it wouldn't be an issue but the frame screws and crap so I couldn't remove it and bend it back. Other than that great knife for the money (Posted on )
  34. Nice knife for the money.Review by
    I really can't fault the knife for this price.
    People have questioned the build quality but it's fine on mine. This, combined with reasonable blade steel, makes it a bargain knife.
    Don't get me wrong, it's no Spyderco, but it's a great EDC which has stood up to medium use well.
    (Posted on )
  35. One fine byrdReview by
    The blade of the knife is a little thicker than I had first expected so that was a plus for me. The blade is as sharp as my Spyderco Grasshopper slippit. The fit and finish is good for the money and the blade centering was perfect. The pocket clip is almost invisible but still works well. I can open the knife with one or two hands the finger choyal is useful so you don't slip onto the blade and the G10 hande is grippie. All round a good knife for the money one that I will not be afraid to replace or use in my edc. (Posted on )
  36. BadReview by
    Looks cheap, feels cheap... just save a bit more money and buy a Spyderco. Mine fell apart within 3 weeks. Might be good for light tasks thought. Seriously, just save up and get a Spyderco. I did and I love it. (Posted on )
  37. guid stuff thisReview by
    I lost my old Spyderco UKPK and needed a replacement. The Tern took less than 24 hours to arrive standard delivery, excellent work HH. The knife itself was razor sharp out the box but was further improved with a quick strop. The 8Cr13MoV is a personal favourite of mine as it sharpens up so easily. It was slightly dirty, but it cleaned up well. The one handed opening is slightly stiff but manageable. This is easily remedied due to the hex head screw construction. It looks great and is very practical. I am very happy with this UKEDC. Thanks HH.
    (Posted on )
  38. SurprisedReview by
    After reading the other reviews I expected to do a little work on this knife, but it is EXCELLENT. Sharp otb, strong spring and positive snap open and closed. I wish I'd bought this before my UKPK. (Posted on )
  39. Fantastic!Review by
    I've given this knife a 5* rating due to a mixture between quality and price. The fit and finish on this blade is fantastic when looked at compared to the price! you can see that it was built and designed by Spyderco. It comes shaving sharp out of the box and "locks" nicely when your fingers are up on the jimping on the blade. It may be a non-locker but I can trust it not to close on my fingers. A great blade twinned with Heinnie's fantastic service means I could recommend this knife to anyone! (Posted on )
  40. ok budget folderReview by
    Overall I was happy with the knife, the fit and finish left a bit to be desired and the pocket clip needed a bit of work to fit properly, but for the money I was pleasantly surprised. (Posted on )
  41. Cheap yes nasty NO !Review by
    Mine is a cracking little knife (I believe the quality was variable when it first came out), the spring is only a tad softer than my Ukpk G10 and quite a lot stronger than my Ukpk lightweight, it also keeps a good edge but is easy to sharpen (on Spyderco sharpmaker). (Posted on )
  42. Great for the priceReview by
    As said below, it came reasonably sharp, but not crazy sharp - nothing a few minutes with a stone and some honing won't fix!

    The cutting edge is actually far smaller then the stated 70mm, mine is 58, with the whole blade from choil being 70. This results in the knife being smaller than I expected, but this isn't a bad thing really, a it gets lost in a pocket nicely.

    Build quality seems ok, exterior fit and finish is good, but inside there are some uneven grinds and tool marks, but you can't see these in daily use.

    However, I would have preferred a bit bigger blade, hence the 4 stars, but overall, it's a nice little cheap, UK legal knife, which is what I wanted!
    (Posted on )
  43. My new EDCReview by
    Incredibly pleased with this knife. It came reasonably sharp OTB but I felt it could've been sharper. Awesome handle material and design with a nice blade to match. It's so light I forget I have it in my pocket. Delivery was super fast - Thanks Heinnie (Posted on )
  44. Not shabby...Review by
    ...but it's not a Spyderco.

    Being a convert to Spyderco, I was disappointed that the Tern's not as well made as the budget Spydercos like the Persistence.

    That said, for the price, it's a nice little folder, and my biggest complaint is the quality of the scales; the fibreglass feels a bit budget. Then again, Spyderco's UK legal penknife uses the same handle design and materials at nearly twice the price!
    (Posted on )
  45. Well worth the moneyReview by
    Great little knife for the money a real quality item with good fit and finish. If you are considering a 'full blown' Spyderco think again as this in my opinion is just as good minus the name. The service from Heinnie Haynes was first class and I would have no hesitation in ordering from them again. (Posted on )
  46. Nice SurpriseReview by
    The photo for the Byrd Tern really does not do this knife justice. Have a look on YouTube for a better idea of what you'll receive, a quality little folder for EDC that feels good in the hand and is sharp out of the box. At this price you won't be disappointed. Excellent service from Heinnie. (Posted on )
  47. Good uk carry but feels cheepReview by
    I got this knife yesterday and it has not left my pocket! Good uk legal carry very nice pocket clip when clipped on you can hardly see and knife sticking out so it's not going to offend any one. Not a bad slippit but does fold a bit to easy, nice blade good sharpness, scales feel really cheap. Nice light weight knife. Overall a good uk carry edc if only it had a better slippit and better handle material. (Posted on )
  48. My first 'Byrd'.Review by
    Great on paper & looks super. Size is between the UKPK & Dragonfly. Very light weight & good feel in the hand, sort of like a mini sage. Mine needed a lot of sharpening to get it right (hence 3 stars) but no complaints at the price. Excellent vfm. (Posted on )
  49. about time!!Review by
    I am used to carrying a traditional style pen knife which is within the law but a bit lacking for some tasks. I bought the byrd tern as i have been a long term spyderco fan and thought this product might be worth a shot. Glad i did the quality is spot on even from a knife manufactured in china. Strong blade and a good size handle even with my large mitts and best of all legal to carry in the uk within reason grab one while you can and ignore the spidie equivelant which is no better than this gem and twice the price. (Posted on )
  50. Great little EDCReview by
    I have just recieved the Byrd Tern and I am delighted with it. I wanted something the same weight and size as my Fallkniven U2 but that was UK legal to carry. It was razor sharp OTB and instantly felt like an old friend :)
    Highly recommend for the price, and the service from Heinnie Haynes was excellent.
    (Posted on )
  51. Very suprisedReview by
    If I had known that this knife was so fantastic I would have never have bought my Spydie UK knife. This is so much better and you know what I didn't have to pay ú95+ for it. The Boker XS is still a better feel and sturdier but if you want a cheap UK legal and love Spyderco get this instead. Like the service here its great. (Posted on )
  52. love itReview by
    What a lovely knife, I love this steel, great value for money, finish is good for price, spring is much stronger than both of my spyderco uk frn models, if you want a spyderco but can't afford one, get this, its awsome! (I actually prefer this to the spydies) one note on the clip though, its totally rubbish, I don't use them so don't care. (Posted on )
  53. Nice enoughReview by
    I bought this from another supplier as HH ran out of stock. What shocked me was how light it is. For me it does not feel solid and well made like the Boker XS.
    As a light weight pocket knife it is ok, the blade sharp, but as I said, the Boker feels like a quality knife where as this lacks. That said there is nothing wrong with the way it's made.... Just doesn't feel solid.
    (Posted on )
  54. Can't fault it :-)Review by
    Came sharp enough to shave the hairs off the back of my hand and the snap open is lovely and once open it feels very secure.

    For a UK legal everyday carry that you will be willing to use you will be pleased with this and it represents good value.

    I normally call in at the shop but enjoyed a telephone order and Rich had this up for despatch immediately to catch the evening post and the email confirmation came through almost as soon as I had put the phone down! lol
    (Posted on )

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