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Byrd Cara Cara 2 FRN

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Byrd Cara Cara 2 FRN

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Byrd Cara Cara 2 FRN

18+ Age Restriction Icon

In Stock

Available for Delivery

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Byrd Cara Cara 2 FRN

Byrd Cara Cara 2 FRN



Already one of the best value in the popular byrd line, the Cara Cara has been completely reengineered to yield the new, improved Cara Cara 2.

Its many upgrades include a full-flat-ground blade for enhanced edge geometry and cutting performance, a Bi-Directional Textured FRN handle that offers a superior grip and increased control, and phosphor bronze pivot washers for even smoother blade operation. Like its predecessor, it also features spine and choil jimping for precise control during use and a four-position clip that supports all possible carry configurations.

Improved features at very affordable prices make the Cara Cara 2 Lightweight one of the best values on the market.


Code BY03PBK2-$$
Brand: Byrd
Blade Material: 8Cr13MoV Stainless Steel
Blade Length (cm): 9.5
Blade Thickness (cm): 0.3
Closed Length (cm): 12.10
Overall Length (cm): 21.6
Lock Type: Back Lock
UK Friendly Carry:
Pocket Clip: Yes


  1. Wow!Review by
    Just got mine today, what a fantastic bit of kit! Can really see the spyderco quality shinning through. I have an endura too and as much as I love my spyderco's I'll definately be tempted with more Byrd knives in the future now knowing how close in quality they are. Lock up is great, good bit of tension when closed so shouldn't open in your pocket and feels comfortable in the hand , though a bit less rounded on the edges than the endura. Would definately recommend ! (Posted on )
  2. Perfect modern jack knifeReview by
    If only it were not for governments' predilection for blaming hardware over behaviour this would be the perfect everyday knife.

    The pocket clip is easy to use and secure while the profile has no uncomfortable lumps so the knife is likely to be there when required. It is light but strong enough split 2" hardwood under a baton when, for example, lighting the local pub fire. It is not, however, too precious to refuse such a task.

    The thumb hole is much easier, I find, to use than a stud and doesn't clutter up the blade. The back lock is secure at all times, holding the blade closed better than a liner lock (the ones I've encountered, anyway) and is not under maximum stress when the knife is closed, like a liner lock.

    The jimping and finger choil together with the handle shape make for a full range of comfortable working hand positions. The whole process of retrieving, opening, closing and replacing the knife can be smoothly done with one hand while the other is, inevitably, full of work/salami/packet/etc.

    As to the blade, it is a useful size and shape; the grind is excellent for general purpose use; the bevel is well executed and the knife comes reasonably sharp. I haven't had the knife long enough to vouch for edge retention although for my specialism of whip making I prefer a finer grind with micro bevel and carbon over any type of stainless steel I've encountered.

    I tried it and this is not a craft knife like the Douk-Douk and Mora carbon steel knives but for everything else it's exceptional, particularly for the money and wafted to one's door the next day on a wave of peerless customer service.

    Would I buy another? Nope, I'd go for a Spyderco equivalent in VG10 cos I'm just as much of a knife tart as you and have already had this one. Well, the wife likes her pens....
    (Posted on )
  3. Great value large folderReview by
    Superb value, lockback folder. Fits better in hand than the Meadowlark 2. Blade is sharp out of the box. One hand opening possible but blade is stiff so makes that difficult, certainly not a flipper.

    FRN Scales are grippy but kind of sharp. Good value at this price though. Finger choil on blade essential in my mind for accurate work and safety, one thing that I wish they'd put on the Spyderco value range.

    Super fast standard delivery, the second fastest company I've ever bought from.
    (Posted on )
  4. Save for the Endura 4 Review by
    Cant say too much about this knife starting with the FRN handle 'Nothing like spyderco " They feel sharp and cheap the blade steel is ok the blade lock up is solid but deployment is gritty and with oiling and lubing and pivot screw adjustment still feels off ... In my opinion and we all have one , Save for the Endura 4 ...... double the money yes but you get a 90% better knife all round ....
    But if you want to spend 30+ quid on a beater blade i guess it'll do the job but for how long for who knows..... only 3 stars I'm afraid
    (Posted on )
  5. working mans enduraReview by
    It was a toss up between Endura or byrd Cara cara, one third price, lighter knife, under blade finger choil, ease of sharpening in the field, easy strip and reassemble. Not the same blade steel as Endura or quality of finish, but this knife will be used for fish and fowl prep and other jobs on an estate. Great value working medium folder. p.s. I notice I bought the last one, no doubt HH will be getting some more in. Buy one guys. (Posted on )
  6. A Cheap EnduraReview by
    Rating This video is on the G10, but it would apply to the FRN also. (Posted on )
  7. bigger than expected.Review by
    This knife is big, strong, light and Spyderco sharp. I will use this knife when in my house as it is not an edc option. For my UK carry knife I use the byrd Tern, the Cara Cara 2 FRN is really it's lock back big brother in looks and performance. Best knife you can get for the money you pay. + HH you post super fast thank you! (Posted on )
  8. byrd cara cara2Review by
    5 stars and well deserved! Less than 25 quid! This knife is excellent some have said quality control can be an issue this was not the case with mine fit and finish is good, no blade play, well centered and shaving sharp. I have Spyderco knives and this knife stacks up well. If you want a Spyderco and don't have the budget get one of these! H.H great service as always cheers guys! (Posted on )
  9. Great Value KnifeReview by
    This is my second one, lost the first chainsawing in a forest. Arrived today and is fantastic value for money. The finish is not as good as the my first one, so quality control is an issue. I did seriously look at a Spyderco Endura 4 but I could not justify the price difference. Best value for money knife on the market. (Posted on )
  10. Awesome knife!Review by
    You want the Spyderco Endura 4 right? But it's a little pricey at ú60? If the answer's yes then you'll love byrd Cara Cara II! It is literally an Endura with slightly lower quality materials and QC. I think it's amazing for the money! (Posted on )
  11. Value for money! Great ergos!Review by
    First of all lets acknowledge how relatively cheap this knife is, you do however get a fair amount for your money. This knife can be used quite adequately straight out of the box, however, I decided as it was inexpensive to strip it and see what could be done to improve it, there goes my warranty. The liners are rough and a little rusty and the back lock looked like it had been run over! But if you didn't see this to be honest you probably wouldn't know as the knife operates just dandy. So with some sanding, polishing and sharpening it is now very smooth and a treat to use. I don't like FRN but it seems to work well on this, I also have the G10 version which is quite a bit heavier. In summary, if you want a reliable big folding knife with top ergonomics which is light and pleasant to use for very little money, then this is the chap. Lost a star for rusty liners but easily stripped and remedied. I am fortunate to have a reasonable collection and yet I use this knife a great deal!! (Posted on )
  12. surprisedReview by
    I have always been a swiss army knife man but I took the chance on this rather more expensive Spyderco knife, and I'm very happy with it will be purchasing other models too. (Posted on )

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