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Bushcraft Lightweight Knife, Fork and Spoon Set

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Bushcraft Lightweight Knife, Fork and Spoon Set

test 1Bushcraft Lightweight Knife, Fork and Spoon Settest 2Bushcraft Lightweight Knife, Fork and Spoon Settest 3Bushcraft Lightweight Knife, Fork and Spoon Settest 4 Bushcraft Lightweight Knife, Fork and Spoon Set

Bushcraft Lightweight Knife, Fork and Spoon Set

18+ Age Restriction Icon

In Stock

Available for Delivery



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Bushcraft Lightweight Knife, Fork and Spoon Set

Bushcraft Lightweight Knife, Fork and Spoon Set



The traditional camping knife, fork and spoon set in one handy package. If you like the outdoors and spend any time on a campsite, then get one. The knife, fork and spoon slide into a metal sleeve that has a can opener attached.

Length: 190mm (7½in)

  • Weight: 75g (2.7oz)
  • Specification

    Code BCB-CN224
    Limited Edition: No
    Brand: Bushcraft
    Colour: Silver
    Overall Length (cm): 19.0
    Product Weight (g): 75g


    1. Excellent for recreational camping Review by
      These are well designed for their intended use, i.e. for recreational camping activity. I wouldn't recommend them if you want an indestructible set of cutlery. They are made to be carried and to keep the weight down the steel is not very thick. If you treat them with that in mind then the set will serve you well. Knife can easily and quickly be sharpened with a stone. (Posted on )
    2. cheap n cheerfulReview by
      forthe money you cant go wrong. got these for my two boys for their cub camp and they r top notch. couldnt of have better service off of Henny Hays (Posted on )
    3. Utter garbageReview by
      I was given one of these sets by a friend earlier this year, and boy am i glad i didn't spend money on it. The quality of this product doesn't even deserve one star but thats the lowest score i can give here unfortunately.

      Let me start with the fork as that is without a doubt the most useless part of this kit. The tines on the fork bend extremely easily, so easily in fact that i bent them significantly just sticking them into a cooked mackeral fillet.

      Likewise the knife is so dull it couldn't even cut the same mackeral fillet which is ridiculous, in the end i resorted to my victorinox recruit to cut the fillet instead and the blade on that is the dullets of all my pocket knives. Like the fork the knife in this set bends under the slightest bit of pressure.

      Then there is the spoon, seriously at this point i'm wondering what kind of moron designed this piece of junk kit. Like the knife and fork the spoon is poorly designed and again suffers the same bending issue, i mean seriously i have seen smaller spoons made of wood did the designer of this kit design this spoon for muppets or people.

      Finally there is the pitiful excuse for a can opener, and i really do not know what to say about it other than why? Why make a kit including a can opener that is made of such poor materials that even a pocket knife does a better job? It bent so badly on the first use that it no longer holds the knife fork and spoon not that it had done a particularly good job of that to begin with.

      Seriously i would drop this product fast if i was Heinnie Haynes, as it in no way shape or form lives up to their motto. ''Premium source for the hardest kit on the planet.'' Yeah sorry Heinnie but in the case of this product its more like. ''Premium source for the worst junk on the planet.'' To anyone considering getting this product i urge you turn around and look elsewhere, because even at £3.95 this is a total waste of money and a purchase you will quickly regret.
      (Posted on )
    4. Worth every penny, dont be a dummy, save your money.Review by
      bombproof with a can opener that wont let you down (better than those p38's) with a spoon of a good size and fork that is a fork, i used all those sporks and stuff like that, but in the end its nice to have a spoon in your mouth that doesnt stick in your gum or drip most of what your drinking before it gets to your mouth, and isn't it good to have a fork that works?, my MSR titanium spork will always be in the bottom of a bag unloved because these things are useless, i am back using these a simple and cheap KFS set,

      as they say "keep it simple stupid" worth every penny the set i have , i have over 15 years.
      (Posted on )
    5. disappointedReview by
      They looked sturdy, but after using the can opener the whole thing was bent and mangled. I ditched the rest of the set since the material is weaker than cheap canteen cutlery. (Posted on )
    6. Cheap in price, cheap in qualityReview by
      Granted they are cheap in comparison but I can bend the spoon and the fork like you would be able to with plastic cutlery. If I wanted plastic, I would have bought plastic, not really all that impressed, and don't think I will use them really. (Posted on )

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