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Buck Vanguard Rubber

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Buck Vanguard Rubber

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Buck Vanguard Rubber

18+ Age Restriction Icon

In Stock

Available for Delivery



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Buck Vanguard Rubber

Buck Vanguard Rubber



Classic, field knife for big game hunters. Fixed blade knife ideal for any big game hunter. The contoured handle and safety guard make manoeuvring through field dressing a breeze.


Code BU692
Limited Edition: No
Brand: Buck
Blade Material: 420HC Stainless Steel
Blade Length (cm): 10.8
Blade Thickness (cm): 0.0
Overall Length (cm): 21.6
Handle Material: Rubber
Sheath: Nylon
Product Weight (g): 187


  1. Nearly Brilliant, MaybeReview by
    So this review is based on my initial thoughts and owning it for 2 days. It is the sharpest knife I have ever had OOTB. I have 2 nicks out of my fingers!!! So my thoughts are, the blade is well balanced, ground perfectly symmetrically. The rubber handle feels really grippy and the palm swell makes it very comfortable. It's heavy, the blade is pretty thick and feels very solid. The length is perfect compromise. It's too big to use for field dressing anything small, but may be useful in some processing tasks. Perfect size for deer and larger game. It makes tent pegs no problem and processes wood perfectly. So why nearly brilliant, well the finish on the blade is grainy, satin I think they call it, but I would prefer a higher grade of finish. The rubber handle still has mould overspill, the pommel was loose and now I'm being ultra fussy, but silver nickel bolsters would be easier to clean whilst improving the appearance overall. Finally I got the cordura sheath, it's noisy and the knife rattles. Not good for hunting. Also it rides too high. The weight on my belt is fine, but the handle is about 3 inch above it into my side. In summary, time will tell when I have used it more, but for now nearly brilliant! (Posted on )
  2. QualityReview by
    I've had my knife since 1995 and I can't fault it. Nice size, nice and sharp and handles well, performs well .
    I had a Whitby Chieftain, Buckmaster copy, so I robbed one of the pouches from the sheath and wrapped it around my Vanguard sheath. In this I carry a wire saw, compass and ferro rod. Excellent knife and I wouldn't be without it!
    (Posted on )
  3. superior strong robust Review by
    What a knife I've had mine since the early 90s the sheath is slightly different but the knife itself is strong enough for my needs excellent all round hunting and fishing knife doesn't rust and only ever requires a few strokes on the steel for a razor sharp edge. The rubber grip is more than just practical its warm and comfortable especially with cold/frozen wet hands . Also I have a problem holding some knives but even in food prep its the business Sure there are many more expensive options if you have money to spare or waste fine but I don't. So think about it and do yourself a favour get one and put the rest in the bank for a rainy day you'll have no regrets !!!!!!! (Posted on )
  4. Very good !Review by
    This is a very good knife though not well known. It is perfect handle, sturdy and a beatifull piece. It´s a perfect allaround knife. The steel is 420 HC and many people can think this is not enough but that is a mistake in my opinion. This steel well treated is though and easy to sharp. The sheath is very simple but it works. The sensation in the hand is very very good. (Posted on )
  5. Buck's Silent Partner At WorkReview by
    I work in a militarised environment but, no longer wishing to appear overtly military, I wanted a robust, capable knife able to handle all the general tasks thrown at it. This knife does it. No, it doesn't look like a ninja/secret squirrel/hedgedweller/Stabber and Strangler toy, but it is a very, very, efficient tool that holds and edge and does the job. for those who hold such things important, a US SF "dude" (his words) said that if there was a version with a "stealth" blade and brasswork, he'd sign up to it in a shot. (Posted on )
  6. 5*****Review by
    Solid knife feels more like a knife that costs nearly ú200 excellent construction will skin and process any game you ask of it,

    As usual thanks Heinnie for a great service
    (Posted on )
  7. Jack of all trades? No!Review by
    The Vanguard is beautiful to look at with a great palm filling handle. Razor sharp from the box and easily capable of skinning and quartering any game you'll find on these fair isles. The point is very fine though, so not practical for a lot of heavier field tasks, but that's not what it's designed for. But then you wouldn't take a Ferrari off-roading. (Posted on )
  8. A Worthy ToolReview by
    This is a very useful tool. It takes and holds a properly applied edge and the blade itself will, in my experience, withstand abuse. I use it to gralloch deer and it performs well in all stages of this process. (Posted on )

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