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Buck Stockman Wood

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Buck Stockman Wood

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Buck Stockman Wood

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In Stock

Available for Delivery



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Buck Stockman Wood

Buck Stockman Wood



Traditional, convenient and multi-purpose. The Stockman® is the largest three-bladed knife available from Buck. The clip point blade is good for detail work, the spey blade is perfect for skinning or sweeping knife strokes and the sheepsfoot blade is perfect for giving a clean cut, especially on a flat cutting surface.


Code BU371
Limited Edition: No
Brand: Buck
Blade Material: 420J2 Stainless Steel
Blade Length (cm): 7.0
Blade Thickness (cm): 0.0
Overall Length (cm): 17.2
Handle Material: Wood
Lock Type: Non-locking
UK Friendly Carry: Yes
Sheath: No
Pocket Clip: No


  1. such great quality for the priceReview by
    I really love Buck products they have that certain old school appeal that makes you feel like you are carrying something with a bit of history to it. The stockman has a lovely fit an finish to it that is very pleasant to hold and I have had some very positive comments from people who have seen it. Buck does a good job with their heat treatment of 420HC steel and all blades came sharp and defect free. The backsprings are not super tough but are more than adequate for what is a very pretty and easy to carry little folder. I would replace this without question if I lost it as I just love having the little buck come with me on my adventures! Thanks Hennie once again you made emptying my wallet easy with your wonderful products and the fastest shipping this side of Amazon Prime. I think I must have spent close to £2000 over the years in your store! (Posted on )
  2. Just as good...Review by
    I ordered a US made Stockman from a UK bushcraft store. I wasn't overly impressed. It was blunt and the finish was not good with considerable play in the blades. I've kept it but it's not going to be a favourite. I decided to see if the "made in China" versions were any better... and surprise surprise they are! It was sharp from the box (minus a strop) and I can't fault the finish. With Bucks forever warranty I really do not care that's it's made in China... all the boxes are ticked for me. PS. HH had marked it as dispatched before I got my Debit Card back in the wallet! Highly recommended all round! (Posted on )
  3. You get your money's worth with this Buck!Review by
    This was the first Buck I ever bought which was made in China. Examining it, the fit and finish were clearly done to a surprisingly high standard, given its modest price. The Buck Stockman is a good example of how advantageous and effective quality control systems are when they are properly implemented and sustained. This truism applies no matter what the product may be or where it is produced.

    This is a sturdy serviceable pocket knife. It would be at home in camp or field, and uncomplainingly earn its keep as a rugged outdoor user, a capable working knife.

    The blades are beautifully finished in a fine satin grind, with good attention to accuracy of cutting edges. There were no wire edges on mine. Out of the box it was sharp and ready to go. The typical Stockman three blade configuration is offered. The main clip blade makes good use of the legally available 3" and has a keen point for detailed tasks. The handy sheepfoot blade, with the usual advantages of a safely rounded end and a precise fine tip for exact cutting or trimming is excellent. The spey blade has plenty of belly for slicing or peeling jobs. The reason for the various blades of a Stockman pattern is to provide versatile utility. Not in the same sense as a SAK, obviously, but real life uses and much experience has established the Stockman pattern. It makes a fine companion to an appropriate SAK, certainly.

    Vintage Buck Stockman pocket knives, made by the once prolific cutlery manufacturer Camillus in fact, had the sheepfoot and spey blades in one layer, with a common backspring. So older ones are slimmer. But for many years Buck has eliminated the complexity associated with crinking and simply made their Stockman model 301 (USA) and its smaller but excellent sibling the Cadet model 303 (USA) with three backsprings. Each blade has its own spring. The equivalent models made in China for Buck, the model 371 Stockman and the 3-1/4" (closed length) model 373 Trio, copy their western relatives with three layers each.

    Overall, having one each of the above models, the walk and talk, on mine at least, really favours the clever Orientals. Ditto the precision of fit and finish. With more upmarket scales, the Chinese 371 and 373 would be stellar. Of course this is based on my personal opinion.

    My 371 Stockman has been used mostly for wood carving. It has performed very well on hardwoods such as beech, oak and walnut, and even on some beautifully figured but appallingly hard ash. It absolutely devours basswood or clear white pine. The different blade designs truly come into their own with wood carving. Buck's renowned heat treatment acquits itself well, in my experience.

    So I rate the Buck Stockman model 371 very highly indeed. Especially in view of its price tier. My very similar but smaller Buck Trio model 373 has been used more often for EDC, due to its affable 52 grams and endearing combination of compact size and nimble performance.

    Diligent production and inherent quality makes the Buck 371 Stockman hold its own with many others of the same name, regardless of maker or origin. Especially for the money, this one has my definite recommendation.
    (Posted on )
  4. Broke it but still love it.Review by
    Still love this knife however it has sustained some damage. The spey blade no longer holds fast and wobbles in the body of the knife. Have to hold it in place with my thumb when using as no longer held securely in place when using. Otherwise still a functional bit of kit and I still love it. (Posted on )
  5. Excellent QualityReview by
    Typical Buck quality, in a small EDC pen knife. It really is a beautiful (classic) folding knife and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend it to anyone. The service provided by this company is unsurpassed. Lightening fast and incredibly efficient. The best service I have ever received, time and time again. Thank you. You deserve every success. (Posted on )
  6. classic design Review by
    I have had one of these for a few years now and it is perfect for light duties around the house or on a wander in the woods. the blade steel retains a great edge and the factory edge will really shine if you strop it out of the box. as for quality control I cant fault mine its beautiful and even my dad commented on it when I handed it to him. just remember that this is a gents knife and you will snap the blade tip if you use it to pry things open. (Posted on )
  7. If it's not Industrial I Break itReview by
    What an amazing service from HH, placed the order Wednesday PM delivery by normal ú2 quid snail mail & it arrived AM Thursday. Well done the Post Office say I.
    I have been a fan of this knife for years, lost my original and just had to replace it, I miss the Hammer Anvil logo it made a nice feature and my original was a Deep Red Rosewood, this is an American Walnut Brown. Need to knock off the burrs & corners and as you would expect from Buck, it is very sharp, but I will get it like a RAZOR.
    10/10 service and a 10/10 product.
    (Posted on )
  8. AverageReview by
    I have never owned a Buck knife before and was looking forward to sampling this knife from this classic American brand. The knife has 'China' stamped on one of the blades, so I assume it's made there, in itself, not an issue to me.
    There are a few minor faults with the example I received. Firstly, there is a small gap between the body of the knife and one side of the scales. Secondly, on the largest blade there is some lateral movement which I would expect only on a lesser knife. Though not a great issue, the edges were not very sharp on the blades either. All in all, I'm not overly impressed. This is my first and probably the only Buck knife I'll ever own.
    The service from Heinnie was, as ever, outstanding.
    (Posted on )
  9. Love it!Review by
    I loved this from the moment I got it out. Bear in mind that I don't normally go for "classics"

    The fit and finish is really nice, no flaws I could find. This came with the Buck logo on the handle and not that shown in the picture.
    Blades are nice and sharp and centre nicely. This is not a nail breaker, the blades open with reasonable ease and snap back nicely.
    Some complain at the thickness (around 15mm in the centre), but I find it makes the knife much more comfy in use.
    Excellent knife and very attractive, I keep wanting to just look at it. Superb for the price and could easily become my most used edc.
    (Posted on )
  10. Good QualityReview by
    I have owned a USA-made Buck 110 for donkey's years but wanted a smaller model for UK-legal daily carry and this 371 is ideal. Yes, it's made in China but quality control is still based in the Buck USA factory and it comes with the legendary Buck "Forever" warranty. Fit and finish are perfect. Mine was supplied blunt but the 420J2 steel is v easy to sharpen and takes a good edge. A nice EDC knife. (Posted on )
  11. functional classicReview by
    A nice change from the usual G10 textured stuff - 3 blades with a decent enough edge out the box. UK legal and fit and finish is really good, don't let the made in China thing put you off lots of firms are outsourcing now and the quality remains high. (Posted on )
  12. If its not Industrial, it's BrokenReview by
    I love this knife. Had it for 7-8 years, I use mine every day for something, never without it, open packaging, whittle a bit of wood, used as a fire strike, sharpens my pencil, I can get a razor edge and each blade and has its own special use.
    Pity it's stamped "China" but that's the way of the world.
    This knife is 10 out of 10 and outstanding value.
    (Posted on )
  13. NiceReview by
    I really like this knife, pretty solid for the type of knife it is. All three blades came very sharp. Good quality knife for the price. Nice piece for the collection. (Posted on )
  14. Buck StockmanReview by
    My Buck stockman arrived today. Very pleased with it. Good fit and finish, no blade play, very sharp! Great service, as usual. (Posted on )
  15. buckReview by
    I see it as a modern take on a real traditional stockman, more square and angular, good materials, good polished bolsters but sharp edges on all 4 corners where the wood meets the bolsters, the wood is smooth polished too, good value though for a well known brand, a modern stockman. (Posted on )
  16. PerfectReview by
    Was looking for a large but UK legal knife for everyday use, at a price that didn't make it too precious. Spring tension is perfect (I like to be able to open my knives).Fit and finish is first class. Made in China, so what, Its the specification and quality control that counts. As to Heinnie Haynes, I am beginning to wonder if they can dispatch before I finish typing the order. They define quick service! Many thanks once again. (Posted on )
  17. Tony HorsfieldReview by
    This is a Chinese made knife and although there's an American built version, US video reviews suggest this cheaper version of the Buck Stockman is better designed and made. It has nearly perfect fit and finish, with no blade rub, unlike a small Case stockman that I own, and there's no play whatosever in any of the blades. Some people may not like the knife's very soft spring tension but I've come across this characteristic in other American made Buck slip joints. The soft spring tension, however, means the knife's blades are not nail breakers and very easy to open. This is an extremely nice piece and well worth the money. (Posted on )

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