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Boker Sporting Knife

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Boker Sporting Knife

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test 1Boker Sporting Knifetest 2Boker Sporting Knifetest 3Boker Sporting Knifetest 4 Boker Sporting Knife
test 1Boker Sporting Knifetest 2Boker Sporting Knifetest 3Boker Sporting Knifetest 4 Boker Sporting Knife
test 1Boker Sporting Knifetest 2Boker Sporting Knifetest 3Boker Sporting Knifetest 4 Boker Sporting Knife

Boker Sporting Knife

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Boker Sporting Knife

Boker Sporting Knife



Boker produce the knives that you remember your grandfather owning but with the very latest steels and technology. Part of the `Tree Brand` Classic range it features a sub three inch blade, making it legal to carry in the UK, corkscrew, bradawl, small clip point blade, screwdriver, bottle opener, can opener and corkscrew.


Code 110182HH-$$
Limited Edition: No
Brand: Boker
Blade Material: AUS 4034 Stainless Steel
Blade Length (cm): 6.0
Blade Thickness (cm): 0.2
Closed Length (cm): 8.90
Overall Length (cm): 15.8
Blade Type: Plain
Blade Finish: Satin
Grind: Flat
Lock Type: Non-locking
UK Friendly Carry: Yes
Sheath: No
Pocket Clip: No
Product Weight (g): 98


  1. SUPERB KNIFE, Learn how to use one!Review by
    ABSOLUTLEY PERFECT GENTS KNIFE, I had mine for my 40th some years ago and am going to get one for my brothers this year and thought I need to leave a review as it looks like somebody has a bee in there bonnet. There is no way any blade would fold up if you were using it correctly, the workmanship is superb its German, yes blades ate thin but no one moans about a SAK do they. Its a traditional knife made traditional ways so aslong as you know what you are getting then there is no issue. My advice would be to get one as pass down knife or a gift to give to someone who know hows to use a knife. Not sure about the personal slur about BMW but they are fare better equipped than the Swedish you just spec it tyo what you are willing tro pay!! (Posted on )
  2. DisappointingReview by
    I have the most expensive “flagship” Boker Sportmesser Oak version of this knife, which is identical to the Boker Sporting Knife except for the scales, which are of ‘smoked’ oak on the Sportmesser Oak, as opposed to the stag bone scales fitted to the ‘Sporting Knife’.

    Your reviewer N W Morrison said:

    ‘I've had this knife for a while now and still no happier with it after 3 weeks the small logo insert fell out the tin opener doesn't work well (stick with Swiss army)…’

    In my case the Boker ‘Tree Brand’ circular logo medallion on my version of this knife was already sticking out at an angle from the (flat oak) surface of the handle scale when the knife arrived, never mind after three weeks of use! My attempts to glue this small metal disc back in flush with the surrounding surface of the flat handle scale failed, and so it remains stuck at a slight angle to its surroundings!

    After my experience with the bottle opener on my version of this knife I have never even tried to use the tin opener on my “flagship” Boker Sportmesser Oak, but looking at this tool closely I have no doubt that NW Morrison’s statement that ‘it doesn’t work very well’ (Stick with Swiss Army) is absolutely correct!

    The bottle opener on my “flagship” Boker Sportmesser Oak (and on all other versions of this knife, since the only variation between the various versions is restricted to the handle material) does not, in fact, open bottles! Because there is so little metal at the critical ‘hook point’ of the “bottle-opening” tool on my example of this product I have almost ruined this blade by trying to micro-fettle it so it at least approximates to the flawless bottle-opening performance of any Swiss Army knife. Which is a great shame, because the “flagship” Boker Sportmesser Oak (and its stag-handled brother) are both nice-looking and generally well-made ‘traditional products’.

    Considering that this knife in all its variations is far more expensive than all Swiss Army products featuring a comparable number of blades/tools, or indeed, is far more expensive than those SAKs offering many more on-board tools, the basic failings of Boker’s equivalent to the SAK which have been reported by more than one purchaser/user of this product represent unforgiveable, unaddressed over time by Boker, basic design flaws, frankly!

    The myth of absolute German superiority in design, engineering, and manufacturing (hence their very high pricing regime) is, therefore, once more shown to be just that - a myth! Try driving over the Pennines in a snow storm in a BMW compared with my comparatively cheaper, much better finished and trimmed (and actually more attractive!) Volvo, and you will soon come to appreciate this fact, just before you skid off the road and into a ditch - or worse!
    (Posted on )
  3. boker sports knifeReview by
    This knife is actually an early Boker design. I have one which is pre 1980's and mine has a very thin brass "shim" intended to support the main blade pivot. Unless the design has subsequently changed, this feature was completely inadequate to hold the main blade steady as any slight leverage on the main blade will bend the flimsy brass liner, resulting in serious "play" on the main blade.
    This can be alleviated at least in the short term by bending inwards the brass liner to support the blade pivot.
    This model has always been expensive and was offered new at around ú35 in the early 1990s.
    You can pick secondhand examples up for about 12 Euros at German "flea markets."
    I have always admired innovation by this firm, but this offering, despite its good looks, cannot be recommended from my experience.
    (Posted on )
  4. Follow upReview by
    I've had this knife for a while now and still no happier with it after 3 weeks the small logo insert fell out the tin opener doesn't work well (stick with Swiss army) the main blade has closed on me several times now that it ended up in the cupboard never to see light of day ONE VERY VERY UNHAPPY OWNER!!!! (Posted on )
  5. Nice looking knifeReview by
    The blade is thin, I agree, but is made out of good Steel, and is a beautiful solid pocket knife. It isn't cheap all right, but is nice to own it. I don't feel I threw my money away by buying it. And yes, I does remind me of my grandfather type of knives. (Posted on )
  6. I also was…Review by
    I also was expecting a quality knife, but was disappointed. Blade play on the main blade, weak springs and very thin blades. I didn't buy mine from HH but the Rough Rider knives I have had from them were spot on. The stag scales are beautiful however its just a shame the rest of the knife lets it down. (Posted on )
  7. dissapointingReview by
    Beautiful looking knife but I agree with other review, the knife is not worth the money it's springs are weak and therefore there is not much snap to the blades. For this price I was expecting a premium knife very dissapoining I have 15.00 rough rider knives that are better made. (Posted on )
  8. Poor qualityReview by
    I was given this Knife as aspecial present it may look good but thin main blade is not sutable for any serious work it also folds when in use very dangerous over priced evev as a collectors item when there are many better options out there. For me it deserves a -5star rating (Posted on )

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