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Boker Plus Tomahook

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Boker Plus Tomahook

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Boker Plus Tomahook

18+ Age Restriction Icon

In Stock

Available for Delivery

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Boker Plus Tomahook

Boker Plus Tomahook



Colin Despins, a designer of tactical resources from the USA, introduced us to a completely new design of a tactical tomahawk. The design of the "Tomahook" is influenced by the Celts, Vikings and Native Americans, offering a high degree of functionality thanks to its versatility. So, of course, it can be used for much more than a hatchet, although its wide, sharp edge makes this use very effective. The upper end of the axe head is sharpened like a chisel and is excellently suited for levering open boxes, for example. The Tomahook is also wonderfully suited for use as a shovel. And the knife-like edge can even be used to skin and dismember a deer in case of emergency. The ability to engage the handle directly and securely behind the cutting edge makes a variety of finer cutting work possible. Likewise, this recess can also be used as hooks for various applications. The back of the axe head has a rounded point of impact which may, for example, provide valuable services as a glass breaker. The special design of the Kydex sheath allows you to keep the sheath covered for many working and cutting applications. The recessed G-10 scales don't only allow you to hold the Tomahook safely and comfortably. Almost every point of the tang is usable as a tool. There is even a grip on the axe head to make using the steel end as an impact tool safely possible. The proven SK5 carbon steel is used, which becomes corrosion-resistant thanks to the subsequent coating. The SK5 carbon steel, even though it's not corrosian resistant, is the ideal material for this tactical tomahawk, but due to the nature of this steel, it may show some light corrosion on the uncoated edge occasionally, which can be removed by a short resharpening. A high- class tactical tool with a plethora of options!


Code 09BO110
Limited Edition: No
Brand: Boker Plus
Cutting Edge (cm): 14.2
Overall Length (cm): 45.7
Blade Thickness (cm): 0.5
Blade Material: SK5 Carbon Steel
Handle Material: G10
Product Weight (g): 804g
GTIN: 04045011095559


  1. Excellent camp axeReview by
    Works brilliantly as a all rounder camp blade, used to prep fire wood and use for carving also trying to show off by skinning a bunny. i cant fault it apart from lack of lanyard hole but a bit creative knot work with some paracord sorts that out. (Posted on )
  2. Poor handleReview by
    Bought this to take camping. The style of the axe and materials used are great. The huge down fall is the handle. The full tang design protrudes above the handle. Causing it to cut in to your hand while useing it

    You would have thought that for th 100+ price tag some one would have used this and found the problem before putting it on sale

    Service from heinnie was fast as allways
    (Posted on )
  3. Boker TomahookReview by
    A disappointing service from Heinnie on this occasion.
    I asked the Tomahook be checked for excess corrosion on the cutting edge prior to sending using the message & PayPal system. There had been reports of pitted edges beyond a light dusting on the cutting edge & wanted to avoid a full sharpening of a new axe.

    The posting service was typically efficient from Hiennie & arrived next day.

    Upon inspection, it was immediately clear that the axe packaging was undisturbed...removing the packaging
    & kydex cover revealed a very blunt edge with significant corrosion along the entire edge. The bottom 25mm on both sides were pitted !

    Do I spend 2 hrs organising & posting a return or use the same time restoring the edge ?
    I took the latter option as I wanted to use it next day on our kindling pile.

    The edge came back after careful attention with croc sticks & has the edge I expected to receive the axe with !

    Unexpected service & not what I expect new from a ú100 tool!

    (Posted on )
  4. perfect addition to my bagReview by
    Good points : Price, not many long T-hawks are cheaper.

    The lack of a sharp point is actually useful, I am far more likely to need to smash something than spike someones head!

    The length / grind of the blade is large "ulu" rather than aggressive fighting axe, useful.

    The extra length is the best feature, short enough to fit on 45L Bacpac, long enough to gain power.

    Bad points: Handle is not great, a little sanding and extra G10 to the edges of the blank would have been nice.

    Balance is bad, the head is much lighter than the body, a simple fix, several holes drilled in the shaft should sort, but shouldn't be my problem for ú100.00

    And no lanyard hole!

    So mainly for the balance it only gets a 4 star rating, however this is a competent bit of kit, that despite some of its marketing is not just a tactical tool, and in fact (imo) has as much if not more use as a bush crafting / camp tool than a fighting T-hawk. (which is why I will be keeping this and loving it!)
    (Posted on )

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