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Boker Plus Rambler

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Boker Plus Rambler

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Boker Plus Rambler

18+ Age Restriction Icon

In Stock

Available for Delivery

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Boker Plus Rambler

Boker Plus Rambler



The design of Austrian knife maker Raimund Lhotak stands out with its unconventional yet appealing appearance. Due to the slim handle and the generously dimensioned thumb ramp, the mere 2¾in blade rests comfortably in your hand whilst the black and blue G10 scales create a very classy look. Delieverd with leather sheath including belt loop. Blade steel 440C.


Code 02BO182
Limited Edition: No
Brand: Boker Plus
Blade Material: 440C Stainless Steel
Blade Length (cm): 7.0
Blade Thickness (cm): 0.3
Overall Length (cm): 14.0
Handle Material: G10
Sheath: Leather
Product Weight (g): 56


  1. Simple Jimping ModReview by
    I bought this elsewhere when HH was out of stock, but I'd like to leave a review here because I like HH :)

    The rambler is much smaller than I thought it would be, it's a pretty cute little knife. As with many small knives adding a lanyard for your pinky to wrap around is a worthwhile addition, but even better than that, modify the jimping...

    The jimping the knife comes with is big, smooth, doesn't add any grip whatsoever and just makes putting your thumb on the spine of the knife quite uncomfortable.

    The mod:

    I have a 1" x 30" belt sander, so what I did was I took the part of the spine with the 3 (?) jimping bumps up to the belt and slowly worked on this area (dipping in water regularly to keep the steel cool) until it was a continuous smooth surface, except for the front of the jimped area where there is a single small ramp up towards the front of the blade. A similar result may be possible with a good vice, file and a lot of elbow grease.

    Now from the tip of the knife I have the clip point / reverse tanto (whatever you might call that) followed by a single zig-zag, behind which is where I rest my thumb, followed by a smooth uninterrupted curve profile towards the butt of the knife. If you look up the Boker Arbolito El Heroe Micarta, imagine if where the jimping on that knife is it were completely smooth, that's more like what my Rambler is like now.

    Certainly this knife is significantly more ergonomic than when I first got it, if you have the ability to do this mod I'd highly recommend it! A side bonus is that now the knife has a 90 degree spine if you want to use it as a ferro rod striker too.

    P.S. - Some people have mentioned about the leather sheaths of Boker Plus knives falling apart, I added a tiny dab of super-glue to ends of the stitching just in case, no problems so far, but then I can't exactly say it's had a hard life, thought I'd mention it though.
    (Posted on )
  2. This is a…Review by
    This is a little cutie! I just love it. Neat knife. Sharp blade. Good style. Practical! Thanks to Linda, Nick & Richard at HH who have always provided exceptional service. It's a real pleasure to deal with you. Ta too for the axe. It's a beaut. (Posted on )
  3. About half the sizeReview by
    of the pic, but a lovely little knife. Very well put together. Good sturdy sheath and razor sharp out the box. Definitely recommended. (Posted on )
  4. Lithe and lovelyReview by
    Great feel in the hand, so long as you havent got massive hands that is, a stubby-esq blade which ive just used to whittle up some sticks for a bbq. Needed a fine hone to the edge, unusual for Boker Plus not as sharp as some Ive had. The sheath fits well, shame it wasn't branded but a nice little package in an interseting colour scheme (the scales that is) . (Posted on )
  5. Small and mightyReview by
    This is a small knife, no argument there but is it big enough?

    Yes, because you get a decent sized blade in a small package.
    Good for detail work, sharp but thick and strong for it's size.

    An excellent choice for everyday work, totally non threatening and a decent sheath that doesn't scream Knife!
    (Posted on )

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