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Boker Plus MPP (Multi Purpose Pen)

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Boker Plus MPP (Multi Purpose Pen)

test 1Boker Plus MPP (Multi Purpose Pen) Thumbnail Imagetest 2Boker Plus MPP (Multi Purpose Pen)test 3test 4
test 1Boker Plus MPP (Multi Purpose Pen) Thumbnail Imagetest 2Boker Plus MPP (Multi Purpose Pen)test 3test 4

Boker Plus MPP (Multi Purpose Pen)

In Stock

Available for Delivery

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Boker Plus MPP (Multi Purpose Pen)

Boker Plus MPP (Multi Purpose Pen)



With this versatile pen you are prepared for all situations. The cap features a window breaker for emergencies whilst the refill is a pressurised cartridge which will last longer than standard refills and write brilliantly upside down, in the wet or even in space! The sturdy clip means it will always be to hand. The design is sleek, smooth and extremely comfortable to use.


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Code 09BO091-$$
Limited Edition: No
Brand: Boker Plus
Body Material: Aluminium
Refill: Fisher Space Pen Refill #PR4
Overall Length (cm): 15.2
Pocket Clip: Yes
Product Weight (g): 40


  1. Quality PenReview by
    First order ever from HH. Incredibly fast service, well packaged, good communication, frankly faultless service. A shining example of customer service to other companies.

    As to the product, well the pen is substantial and quite weighty which I really like, works well as a pen, and gives a real feeling of being capable of fulfilling its multi purpose, although thankfully I haven't used it to smash a car window yet.
    (Posted on )
  2. Good pen, simplesReview by
    Good pen, as good as most short of massive $$$, writes ok, if anything thats the minus point, but a change to a fischer or Parker refill makes it a sweet deal. Comfortable in the hand.

    Use superglue/ thread locker when you put the window breaker tip in. It seems as though it would fail out otherwise. Had mine over 20 months ,some scratching but everything else is fine and only just changed refill.
    (Posted on )
  3. Good pen shame I can't give it a 5Review by
    Have several tac pens and this one is one of the better ones, looks good and not to aggressive appearance . Writes well especially with Fisher refill and comfortable enough to hold.
    Only slight issue and probably a one off is that the glass breaker fell out!
    HH service great as usual.
    (Posted on )
  4. Good, but weirdReview by
    So I ordered from HH yesterday. In under 24 hours, it was with me. Classic HH top quality service.

    The pen is a little weird. I'm starting with that because I think it could well become frustrating over time.

    The lid is normal threading, so you have to turn it one way. The bottom is reverse threaded. So if you keep turning the lid on to tighten it up to it's limit, you end up unscrewing the bottom of the pen, as if you're looking to change the ink.

    This is weird and will take a little time getting used to. I don't get why there is this design feature.

    That aside, it's well built, solid, light weight, and looks good.

    If you have a short temper or get frustrated over silly things, this might not be a good pen to buy. Also if you're used to doing up pens nice and tight, you might want to avoid this one.

    For the money, it's still good value.
    (Posted on )
  5. Good multi use tool, impressed so far.Review by
    Due to fleet and PDA changes been looking for something to tap away at a screen with, write notes and as a bonus open windows in a hurry.

    Wanted the blue version but out of stock so opted for Grey/Gunmetal. The Boker is smaller than imagined, nice weight, but still easy to spot when dropped, glad i didn't get black. Still a discreet looking pen.
    Packaging as expected via other reviews and a nice touch.
    The stylus end works on the Galaxy Note4 , bit hit and miss when using the armoured Otter Box case seems to be a knack to angle of attack and pressure on the armoured screen.
    Pens writes lovely on paper and a bonus of excellent writing on skin (back of hand/arm/forehead).
    The top does lock onto the stylus end.
    Haven't tried the glass breaker yet and hopefully never will.
    We carry a window breaker in the rear of vehicles, but it's possible the driver may need fast access to one, possible events of having to escape our own vehicle or having to pop a window and drag someone from a burning vehicle at RTC's it's always on you, a replaceable Tungsten Carbide end cap would be nice but at the pens price point just buy another.

    Should survive being dropped and stood on better than normal pens, and dragging a stretcher or parking 3 tons of Ambulance on top of the Boker MPP :)

    Only had it a short time and so impressed may well buy a Blue one when they come back in stock.
    Also next day delivery from HH, excellent service, and neat Multi Purpose Pen.
    (Posted on )
  6. Nice pen, glasbreaker can catchReview by
    Should have been obvious when looking at it, but if in a pocket the tip of the lid protrudes a little distance and the glass breaker can catch / scratch stuff it brushes against. Writes very nicely and feels sturdy. Lost a few of the threads the first time I changed the cartridge, but that might have been my clumsiness. (Posted on )
  7. Good valueReview by
    Good value for features in this tool, however writing is not a strongest feature which they squeezed in it. I would suggest to get a new refill from different brand as mine expired after several uses. (Posted on )
  8. Excellent Value For MoneyReview by
    Really great item. For the money it's a complete steal. I have other tac pens and for the money this is a bargain.

    Only down point (hence four stars) is that the lid doesn't sit on the end of the pen when writing.

    I'd also add a Fisher refill rather than the one that comes with the pen.

    (Posted on )
  9. good value for moneyReview by
    Excellent service from Heinnie.
    This is a sturdy, well balanced pen, excellent value for money.
    It feels as if it would last a lifetime, only dowside is the refill which doesn't look like it's a genuine Fisher.
    (Posted on )
  10. Very nice, very impressed, however...Review by
    I did a video review about this pen on youtube.

    This is a very nice pen, but the ink refill it comes with is absolutely NOT a fisher. For me, the "generic" (probably schmidt) refill it came with was 100% useless. It skipped right from the start (and never stopped skipping even after wasting ink drawing all over an A4 page) and down right stopped for big periods of time between. For some paradoxical reason it would not want to write the number 5, due to the movements needed to write it. While I am sure my experience with the default ink refill it comes with is probably a rare instance, between skipping and stopping the ink was more pale compared to proper fisher refills and just lacked that "quality" vibe when you read what was written.

    But I still give this pen 4 stars. You just have to, have to, must... buy an authentic fisher refill to go with this pen if you really want to feel like this is a high quality item and if you do you will love having and writing with it.

    Remember, it is a £14 pen, so what you get is obviously not going to be the same grade of item as a pen that might cost £25.

    That being said, if you want a relatively low cost -nice sturdy pen- that takes fisher refills (and you plan on getting one with the pen), then I highly recommend this pen for you.
    (Posted on )
  11. Great penReview by
    The pen has a nice quality feel to it and it writes well thanks to the Fisher Space Pen internals. The top unscrews and has an o ring to seal. It's worth noting that the thread to get the pen apart in a left hand thread , so unscrews the other way. All in all, a really nice pen! Heinnie service was at its normal excellence! (Posted on )
  12. Read Me First!Review by
    This is a great pen and I love it, it is worth noting though that the Fisher refills do not like being put through a washing machine and tumble drier!!!Iit kind of emptied itself, but thanks to the Bokers amazing waterproof seals none of the ink escaped!
    Other note for changing refills, it undoes clockwise, not anti-clockwise like some websites state!!!
    (Posted on )
  13. solid penReview by
    A solid pen with a Fisher Spacepen refill, good ergonomics and it's not too big. Good value at this price.

    Once again great service from Heinnie, thanks.
    (Posted on )

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