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Boker Plus K.I.D. Cal. 050

Out Of Stock

Stock due in 14 - 21 Days

Boker Plus K.I.D. Cal. 050

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test 1Boker Plus K.I.D. Cal. 050 Thumbnail Imagetest 2Boker Plus K.I.D. Cal. 050test 3test 4

Boker Plus K.I.D. Cal. 050

Out Of Stock

Stock due in 14 - 21 Days



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Boker Plus K.I.D. Cal. 050

Boker Plus K.I.D. Cal. 050



New from Thomas Braunagel's think tank: the shorter version of the popular cal. .45 CID. Significantly shorter, a littler thicker in circumference and with a traditional clip, the cal. .50 K.I.D. is very comfortable to grip and lies beautifully in the hand while writing. The special format (one would speak of "robustness" with a cigar) makes this machined aluminium writing tool a real eye catcher. Here, the ingenious mechanism is a pure appeal to the male urge to play. Many a tough contract negotiation has been given a decisive turn by a cleverly inserted "click-clack" at the right moment. The special finish has a matte sheen and is very comfortable to hold. Compatible with Fisher Space Pen refills.

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Code 09BO093
Limited Edition: No
Brand: Boker Plus
Body Material: Aluminium
Ink Colour: Black
Refill: Fisher Space Pen
Overall Length (cm): 11.0
Body Diameter (cm): 1.3
Product Weight (g): 33


  1. Great penReview by
    A great little aluminum pen. Tactical by description, in reality a bit too short to be truly tactical. But that doesn't make it less cool. It is shorter and fatter than some of the pens you might be used to, still very comfortable to write with. Use a Fisher Space refill and also add a dab of gun oil on the bolt it will improve the movement drastically. I also added a bit of Boker red threadlocker fluid on the bolt screw and the 2 small screws of the clip, works perfectly. Excellent pen, highly recommended! (Posted on )
  2. excellent work penReview by
    I've had this in my pocket for a few months now and am most impressed, It's short enough to live in a trouser pocket but smooth enough not to hole the fabric, chunky for a good grip with cold or gloved hands the rings give a positive grip comfortable in prolonged use, the finish has held up well with a small amount of wear which isn't unattractive, around the bolt lever it wore shiny quite quickly but this has dulled as the novelty of sitting clicking it has worn off. I changed to a Fisher straight away as I need it to write on dirty and waxy objects, doing this the spring fouled on the slightly wider stem so I also changed the spring, which gave a much smoother and easier action although some might prefer the very strong spring ( macho types ) The screw apart barrel has a very long strong thread with an internal o-ring to stop it coming loose which is appreciated, the three smaller screws do need glued or threadlocked as they work loose quite quickly,. I would heartily recommend this to anyone wanting a single handed action rugged pocked pen. (Posted on )
  3. love itReview by
    Love it ,an ideal jeans pocket pen , the short length means that doesn't get pushed out of your pocket when you sit down & makes for agile writing .
    the chunky width gives a good grip.The clip is a bit strong but a quick bend soon sorts this
    (Posted on )
  4. Ealsily carried.Review by
    Beautifully engineered little pen. The short length is an advantage, because the pocket clip is more like that on a folding knife. Thus, you can clip it into a side pocket on your jeans or whatever, and it will not be lifted and possibly lost because of its length when you sit down, crouch or whatever. In fact, it's about 6mm longer than the handle of the Spyderco UK Penknife, so carries easily.

    Usual superb service from HH.
    (Posted on )
  5. Good for Space Pen fansReview by
    This is a good solid little pen. It's more substantial than many of the Space Pen offerings but has the advantage that it can take the same cartridge. I don't find the bolt action unduly stiff but the pointy button is a little hard on the thumb.

    I tried the TAD Gear Ti-Bolt but that while being an excellent if over engineered pen was simply too big. This one is quite chunky to hold but is also comparatively short which I feel means that it is not a true "tactical " pen and potentially avoids any associated offensive * issues.

    If it were available in titanium I would buy it again.
    (Posted on )
  6. Wonderful little penReview by
    I truly love this pen.

    I carry it everywhere and click-clack the bolt action enough to drive people to tears (not literally, but I've seen people casting looks my way in irritation).

    The single only reason I haven't given this pen 5 stars is that being 6'5" I have quite large hands, and this pen is quite short. That doesn't in any way make it unusable, it's not even really too short, I just think i'd ideally like it to have a little more length than it does.

    One final point, HH delivery was truly outstanding (what did you expect?!)
    (Posted on )

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