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Boker Plus CID cal.45 Gen II Aluminium

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Boker Plus CID cal.45 Gen II Aluminium

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test 1Boker Plus CID cal.45 Gen II Aluminium Thumbnail Imagetest 2Boker Plus CID cal.45 Gen II Aluminiumtest 3test 4

Boker Plus CID cal.45 Gen II Aluminium

In Stock

Available for Delivery

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Boker Plus CID cal.45 Gen II Aluminium

Boker Plus CID cal.45 Gen II Aluminium



Boker present a newly developed Tactical Pen that sets new standards in design and technology. It was conceived by Rainer Wenning, who has developed the Boker Pocket Sticks SO4PRO-K, and the knife maker Thomas Braunagel (BFK). The use of a bayonet mechanism is functional and revolutionary and significantly increases the ease of use and is just as fast as the traditional push- button. A further specification is the sensational Clip- Integrated Design (CID). It offers the advantage of easy placement in a pocket without the need for a protruding clip that might be uncomfortable with fixed press access in the palm. The minimal spring clip is dimensioned so that he offers the example of a normal seam jeans pocket or pants feature a comfortable draw resistance. The body of the new Tactical Pen-CID is .45 cal is CNC-milled hardcoated anodized aluminum.

** Please note that GENII takes a longer refill than GENI and therefore refills are not interchangeable**

** We regret that we are unable to accept Paypal as a payment method for this product. **


Code 09BO085-$$
Limited Edition: No
Brand: Boker Plus
Body Material: Aluminium
Refill: Compatible with LAMY #M22 Ink Refills
Overall Length (cm): 12.7
Body Diameter (cm): 1.1
Pocket Clip: Yes


  1. Great PenReview by
    A nice heavyweight pen. Feels good in the hand and is obviously as tough as they come. The clip nicely slots into the molle inside my Hazard4 work bag, which is a bonus.
    Can't comment on the supplied cartridge as, on the advice of other reviewers, I ordered some Lamy M22 refills for it and slotted one in as soon as it arrived.
    Ordered yesterday afternoon, arrived this morning. Usual great service from Heinnie.
    (Posted on )
  2. Great pen poor ink cartridgeReview by
    Great Pen let down by poor ink cartridge, after one day I replaced it with a Lamy M22 and no issues after that. I noticed that the cartridge with the pen has no makings on it , which my be a cheap copy. BUT you need to go to a good pen shop cost of the refill was £2.50 so not that bad. (Posted on )
  3. Great Pen. Usless at writing.Review by
    Well made, lovely to hold and play with and attracts attention, but maybe the retraction action causes the ink to propel backwards away from the writing tip hence the writing fades away after using a few seconds. Maybe I am doing something wrong but have tried three refills and they all ended up in the bin! (Posted on )
  4. Is it just me?Review by
    I've had this pen for probably about a month now. The pen itself is lovely to hold and use - very light, nicely balanced, and the bolt action is great to play around with.
    However I keep the pen in a vertical position where it sits on my shirt pocket and quite often when I come to use it after a period of time it takes a while for the ink to flow. Or even worse, the ink gathers right at the nib and once contact on paper leaves a great splurge of ink! Surely this can't be right and has something to do with a dodgy ink cartridge? A lovely pen spoilt by a possible faulty cartridge :(
    (Posted on )
  5. Refills now @ Heinnie...Review by
    Difficulty getting refills now no longer a problem as Heinnie now stock them! (Posted on )
  6. Great PenReview by
    Great pen from Boker. Modern design typically great German quality!! Writes well and mechanism is very addictive as has been mentioned. Refills can be obtained via post from They are a German based shop but refills are genuine and also not too expensive. You can buy online- no probs. (Posted on )
  7. Fiddle funReview by
    Very nice pen, don't put it down or it will walk. Still waiting for refills to appear to buy! ( any news Heinnie?)
    As previous review, end caps can undo !
    (Posted on )
  8. BewareReview by
    Really nice pen, BUT, firstly refills are custom size & still unobtainable. Secondly, it is addictive to fiddle with but both the tip and the opening button unscrew themselves if you repeatedly click it open and closed. (Posted on )
  9. NiceReview by
    Good solid pen and writes well. The bolt action, used to open and close the pen, is also VERY addictive for fiddling with. (Posted on )
  10. Desk SniperReview by
    Superbly tactile pen with a solid cocking mechanism and pocket clip; and the refills look like tank shells. (Posted on )

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