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SOG Keytron

SOG Keytron UK

Here at Heinnie Haynes®, we’re fortunate to see a huge range of products all vying to make their way on to the pages of Some of them are instant favourites, some don’t make the grade, and some fall into the “if only” category.

The SOG Keytron was one of these “if only” products. When it was new, we saw it at one of the shows in the US. It was a neat little idea, designed as a keyring knife with an easy-open keychain on one end, a bottle opener on one side, and a folding pocket knife on the other…but the knife was a locking blade, making it no good for EDC. “If only…” we thought, “If only it had a non-locking blade…”

Fast forward a few months, and we’ve managed to work the Heinnie® magic on the Keytron, and it’s now here, available in the UK at as the SOG Keytron Slipjoint, and what a magnificent tool it is. At 4.7cm, the non-locking blade sits comfortably within the (7.6cm) UK carry bracket. So confident are SOG of it’s EDC credentials that they have branded the tool “Universal Knife Law Compliant”.

SOG Keytron

As a daily carry, it’s small and light enough to just fit on your keyring. It’s surprising how often it’s called into use, slitting open an envelope here, peeling an orange at lunch time, and, when you get back home, opening the tape on the parcel that’s cleverly been left in your wheelie bin (that’s another story…).

The SOG Keytron UK. You’ll wonder how you managed without it.


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