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Samura Knives in the UK

Samura kitchen knives combine the best of Japanese and European knifemaking skill.

Heinnie Haynes® has a reputation for supplying knives and tools of excellent quality to the UK market. We’ve been aware of Samura kitchen knives for some time, and have been assessing them, to check that they live up to their claims of high quality – the short answer is that yes, they certainly do, and we’re proud to add Samura to our range of high quality kitchen knives for the UK market.

Samura are confident that Japanese knives cut better than their European counterparts, which is quite a claim to make. Here at Heinnie®, we’re in a unique position to be able to test that out. For years, we’ve been aware of the quality steels and technology inherent in knives produced by Rockstead, and in the Spyderco models which come out of Seki City. In our experience, Japanese steels are certainly well regarded, and perform exceptionally well.

Samura have been in operation since 2003 in Japan, when a collaboration with Mcusta and MAC saw the first Samura production. They were aiming to overcome what they saw as the traditional shortcomings of a Japanese knife, quick-rusting and too easy to damage. European knives, by contrast have a reputation for longevity. Samura combines the best of both traditions creating knives with Japanese cutting performance and style, combined with European reliability.

Samura are new to us here at®, but we foresee that they’ll soon become a firm favourite, and one of the best kitchen knife brands in the United Kingdom.


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