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Blade Blank Knife Kit

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Misc Knife Kit

test 1Misc Knife Kittest 2Blade Blank Knife Kittest 3Misc Knife Kittest 4 Misc Knife Kit

Blade Blank Knife Kit

18+ Age Restriction Icon

In Stock

Available for Delivery



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Blade Blank Knife Kit

Blade Blank Knife Kit



Misc Knifemaking Kit. Includes all parts needed to make your own 4 5/8" closed folder, including front and rear bolsters, backspring, 4" blade, wood handles, and rivets. Assembly instructions are included. Deluxe cardboard box holds separate components neatly.


Code MI159
Limited Edition: No
Brand: Knife
Blade Material: Stainless Steel
Blade Length (cm): 10.1
Overall Length (cm): 21.9


  1. Ok for the priceReview by
    An easy project to complete. It took about 1.5 hours including a half hour wasted trying to fathom the useless instructions whiich have not been updated to allow for Specs. Changes. You'll end up with a decent copy of a well-known French design - not a legal UK edc though. (Posted on )
  2. excellentReview by
    i have made these before but only recently seen that HH are selling them. they fit together very well. i tend to use pen blanks cut to size instead of the scales supplied as it offers more variety i.e. burl woods. although the scales supplied are fine if you don't want to cut your own. the decorative file work on the back spine is a nice touch too. great price & quick delivery as usual. highly recommended. (Posted on )
  3. Looks good so farReview by
    Just finishing after about 4 hours total work and decorative stub has come off tension arm when fitting together! Hope Heinnie can get replacement part! (Posted on )
  4. FaultyReview by
    I received 3 of these knives and they all have imperfections in the welding area. Because it hasn't been welded properly you get gaps between the bolster and the backbone which is almost impossible to remove without taking off 2 mm of steel. It will leave you with a knife that is unfinished when it comes to detail, unless you can weld those seams shut. Won't buy them again. (Posted on )
  5. M159Review by
    Just made up two kits of the Chinese rip of of a classic French knife. Realy good value fot under eight quid.

    If you have no real hand tools start with this one and build it as it is, but use shim when putting in the blade.

    Forget the scales, they are some sort of balsa wood.

    I used some fake shell and horn ofcuts I had around and put in proper pins instead of the screws to hold them on after the epoxy.i

    Do that and you finish up with something you would pay ú70 for if you buy it online made up.

    Seriously, a friend of mine has bought the same basic metalwork on a production knife from France with a decent handle on it for 84?

    Seriously good value if you put in a bit of work and invest about 4 hours of your time.

    Get some more things like this in and I will buy them.
    (Posted on )
  6. Poor instructionsReview by
    Great kit and on the whole good easy to follow instructions. So why my title?
    The instructions don't tell you that you need to use a shim when peening the pivot pin.
    IMHO it's essential.
    (Posted on )
  7. ThoughtsReview by
    I think a kit like this would sell very well if it had a sub 3" blade to make it legal EDC in the U.K. I know that I'd buy one or two to experiment on, different scales etc.

    That goes for any sub 3" slip joint folder, any blade shape at this price point or slightly higher.
    (Posted on )

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