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Blade Blank Bowie 8.25"

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Blade Blank Bowie 8.25"

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Blade Blank Bowie 8.25"

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In Stock

Available for Delivery



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Blade Blank Bowie 8.25"

Blade Blank Bowie 8.25"



Knife Blade Bowie 8 1/4" stainless blade. Half stick tang. Includes brass guard. Ideal for the do-it-yourself knifemaker. Tang hole 2.5mm. Tang length 5.8cm.


Code BL7891
Limited Edition: No
Brand: Knife
Blade Material: Stainless Steel
Blade Length (cm): 20.9
Overall Length (cm): 32.5


  1. Update of UpdateReview by
    I decided last week to get another of these as,despite the short tang, it's a great value 8.25 ins. Blade for under a tenner. The blank arrived with the usual HH Fast service & I was pleasantly surprised to discover that the design has been modified, at least on the one I received. I checked the serial/stock number & my new one has an F on the end of what was the old number. I presume this stands for Full tang which is what I got. I think this might eventually mean a price hike but I'd happily pay, say, £13 for the new style - it's a cracker especially at the £10 I got it for! (Posted on )
  2. Good valueReview by
    Yes, the tang is a bit short at 2 1/4 ins. But you can easily braze a piece of 6mm. Threaded bar on the end & put on a stacked handle or a one-piece. You end up with a 13ins. Bowie knife for a tenner - what's not to like? (Posted on )
  3. I am left feeling mixed about this item...Review by
    So I ordered two blanks, this one and a 4" drop point. When I ordered this knife I did not recall seeing anything about it being a stick tang and believed it to be a full tang. (I now know there is a warning message in the description.) When it arrived I was surprised for two reasons, firstly it was a stick tang however this wasn't my main issue. In short, the tang is tiny, probably around 5cm long, with one 3mm pin hole. Now I assumed there blanks were for beginners considering the price, but how is a beginner going to make such a front heavy blade with a 5cm tang secure? Considering I own no workshop tools I cannot accurately mill or drill into dense materials, so currently this blade is a lost investment. Other than that gripe it is good value for the price, I have used its large surface to practice polishing and have now got it to a mirror finish. It has also taken an edge rather well so I am impressed in some aspects.
    To sum up my review, I would like to say that it Is a good blade, however it falls short when it comes to beginner accessibility. In the future I would advise Heinnie to be more wary of the information they post regarding their items. (I would of preferred them to remove the item listing until they could provide accurate pictures, specs and descriptions of the item.) Thank you for reading.
    (Posted on )
  4. that will do for me nice blade Review by
    like the look of this blade can do a lot with it if you get the right wood ,handle I like it and that's all that matters it may be my first blank and it will keep me occupied during my rehab ,do it again once I get this done
    (Posted on )
  5. ExeptionalReview by
    The Knife is a little dirty when you first buy it but the blade is exceptional I just tapped my finger against it occidentally and it cut in deep, I whacked the knife against a tree with moderate effort and It stuck in and was not going anywhere.
    very good would recommend.
    the only problem is the blade is made of low quality soft steel so therefore the blade gets blunt very fast., however if you're using the knife for skinning or gutting it would be fine.
    (Posted on )
  6. 5 stars for the priceReview by
    After my first project making scales for a svord peasant mini I thought id try a fixie, ordered this blank on a Friday and arrived the next Monday, usual Hennie exceptionalism in delivery.

    On to the blade, quite a behemoth, and as other reviewers have said, its not the best steel, as youd expect, but far exceeds my expectations, its extremely usable!

    The rod holes required some filing to take a 4.5 mm brass rod (perfect dimensions, just a little flash), and the handle area needs some clean up, but as that would be done once scaled you can hardly grumble.

    Have yet to put a proper edge on it yet as I'm still sanding the scales, but I've been using the factory edge to cut string/card and leather during the making and it has worked sufficiently. As a first or second knife project, for the price, i cant recommend this highly enough, an over 8 inch bowie knife with a brass guard makes for a very interesting looking project.

    As a side note on the quality of these Pakistani blanks, the quality of this blank has convinced me to order the 4" blank for the next project for actual use as a utility knife for my workbench, saving my opinels fragile razor edge.
    (Posted on )
  7. Excellent ServiceReview by
    As a first time Customer, was not sure about the Company or the product, but both first class! The knife was well packed and delivered FAST! Well done all at HH, will shop again (Posted on )
  8. Number twoReview by
    My second blank has now been fitted with a thermoplastic handle and resides in a leather sheath and the total cost is under £20.00 including the superfast shipping cos t(yet again HH does it better).
    If you are not sure you can get a decent 8.25 in blade for this price, JDI you know it makes sense.
    (Posted on )
  9. The blade is…Review by
    The blade is excellent for ú7.95, the way it feels you would think it would cost a lot more if you didn't know the price. (Posted on )
  10. Beast!Review by
    Next day delivery from Heinnie, thanks guys! The blade is well put together, a little rough around the handle part, but it is only ú8 after all. Looking forward to seeing how this turns out. Email me if you are interested in seeing the end result. (Posted on )
  11. Excellent Value.Review by
    This is an excellent knife blank for what you pay and makes the basis for an interesting project. Of course it's not the best steel in the world, but for the price I don't understand how they can make any sort of profit. The blank itself is nicely finished, no imperfections or blemishes in the blade, nice brass guard, reasonably sharp and it comes well packaged with HH's legendary service (mine was on my doormat in 48 hrs from ordering.)I have ordered a pair of walnut handle blanks from Ebay for ú7 and, with a bit of work will have a stunning Bowie knife for less than ú20 all in. This is a fabulous deal. Go for it! (Posted on )
  12. 420Review by
    BL-7891F : a blade blank , made in Pakistan
    !!! DONT PANIC !!!
    When I say made in Pakistan I mean todays Pakistan, not the 1980's (think about the whole chinese 8cr13mov steel debate and you'll calm down some) the steel is about 440 or 420 - you can make a useable field knife , as the steel is on the softer side ideal for butchering and game cleaning it's ok. As a throwing knife knife you may need to remove the brass guard and harden the tip, and as a wallflower it cleans up good and shines pretty ;) Don't expect ATS34 or N690c for ú9!
    (Posted on )

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