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Blade Blank 7" Bowie Blade

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Misc 7" Bowie Blade

test 1Misc 7" Bowie Bladetest 2Blade Blank 7" Bowie Bladetest 3Misc 7" Bowie Bladetest 4 Misc 7" Bowie Blade

Blade Blank 7" Bowie Blade

18+ Age Restriction Icon

In Stock

Available for Delivery



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Blade Blank 7" Bowie Blade

Blade Blank 7" Bowie Blade



Knife Blades Bowie Blade is 12" overall with 7" bowie blade. Full tang and separate Brass guard.


Code BL7718
Limited Edition: No
Brand: Knife
Blade Material: Stainless Steel
Blade Length (cm): 17.8
Overall Length (cm): 30.5


  1. Worth itReview by
    Good blade & I like that you can make your own guard if you prefer , though the loose one provided is decent & could be filed to change or decorate it. I'm not too keen on the shape of the tang but you can change it or even grind it down to a hidden tang if you like but a better option then would probably be to pick a different blade instead. This is worth the £13 I paid & will make a good 11.5-12.5 ins. Overall knife. I make most of my blades for display but to a working quality finish. I sharpen them but only hone them if I decide to use them. The steel quality on this blank will allow a good edge but you can't expect it to be retained as well as carbon steel. It's worth noting that no knife blade is made of Stainless Steel as this is a soft, malleable alloy which is non-magnetic & unsuitable for knives. Blades described as SS are Actually RR; Rust Resistant & are a 'hybrid' somewhere between Carbon & Stainless, the hardness depending on Chromium,Carbon & other content ie. Molybdenum which is why these blades come in different ratings such as 220, 440 etc. Blades at this price level are fine for many uses if kept sharpened & being less brittle than high Carbon blades are less likely to shatter. It's a trade-off depending what you need them for. Perfectly useable but Not for Lumberjacking! (Posted on )
  2. Good to practice onReview by
    as was said in another review this is not top quality steel however, for £10 I am more than happy with this as an item to increase my skills in cutting and laying up scales and getting a good finish. The service from Heinnie was excellent and I will use them again. (Posted on )
  3. Great Guinea PigReview by
    I bought this knife (from eBay a few months ago - sorry Heinnie)to be a trial run for my Fallkniven S1 Blade Blank. I wanted to practice putting scales on a knife and experiment on it. I sharpened it up (convex) and tested it, and used it. Regarding edge retention - not great at all. But, it's good to practice putting scales on, and would look nice in a collection I guess. Point is - don't buy this thinking you've got a good quality blade here. Its ú8 for crying out loud. (Posted on )

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Questions & Answers

is the knife heat treted?
They have a basic heat and quench not fancy cryo treatment, so they can still be worked before final heat treatment
Heinnie Haynes answered on 20 February 2017

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what is the holes diameter ?
Good Afternoon, nature of production is that the size of hole can change recently they have been 3.2mm
Heinnie Haynes answered on 20 February 2017

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