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BK&T Eskabar

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BK&T Eskabar

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BK&T Eskabar

18+ Age Restriction Icon

In Stock

Available for Delivery

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BK&T Eskabar

BK&T Eskabar



KaBar, Ethan Becker and ESEE Knives have merged the ESEE Izula handle with the Becker Necker blade to form the ESKABAR.


Code BKR14
Limited Edition: No
Brand: BK&T
Blade Material: 1095 cro-van
Blade Length (cm): 8.3
Overall Length (cm): 17.1
Handle Material: Steel
Sheath: Yes


  1. Best of all worlds Review by
    Firstly H H great service as always. Great knife ideal size for everyday use,don't think you could break it as its thick for a small out the box,good sheath retention,looks cool and has a great tough coating with a rough finish ,made in olean newyork its a quality knife.I bought the handle kit but didn't go much on the material so I have wrapped it in the provided cord which looks nice and is very tactile.Dont hesitate this is the perfect solution to a multi knife dilemma and I would be happy if this was the only one in my collection,The only thing to improve this knife that I can see is a leather sheath but that's personal preference. (Posted on )
  2. Necessary purchaseReview by
    As a knife collector I felt obliged to by this knife as it contains elements of
    Rat, Esee, Ka-bar, Bk&T
    My version isn't stamped in the way as normally pictured (more etched) and the coating seems rougher like the Izula. I suppose as it's a collaboration knife it's feasible that Esee may make some too.
    Waffling aside it’s a great knife. Very sharp I'd say as I couldn't even feel it taking the hair off my arm on the 'erm, taking the hair off my arm test. Finish is great and symmetrical. I've weaved the handle in the zombie decay Para cord and it looks really nice and feels right in the hand, and I've got big hairy sasquatch hands. When the blade is parked in the wolf wind sheath and it's sat on a fresh wooden stump on a dusky 'morn it's the thing of screensavers.
    I'm really pleased to have it.
    (Posted on )
  3. Hardcore!Review by
    This is a little beast! unlike many neck knives, this blade is big enough to be useful, but small enough not to be intimidating. It is built like the proverbial brick outhouse, and I bought it to use on an allotment I rent. In this environment, a folder is useless, as soil gets in the works, and even a fixed blade with scales can have issues. This is basically a shaped piece of steel with a sharp edge, and when you're done, you run it under the tap and dry it.. I bought the set of scales too, however, as they would increase comfort during prolonged use. These are ok, but needed a bit of filing on the underside to get them to fit properly. I don't mind the sheath. It has a good firm hold on the knife. I will probably use a strong dogtag chain to wear it on my neck, as the supplied paracord can be dangerous in some situations. As usual, the service from HH was faultless! As an afterthought, it's very satisfying to buy something that will, to all intents and purposes, last forever. (Posted on )
  4. !!! D2 !!!Review by
    Always wanted an Eskabar but don't like coated blades. It's now available in D2 so I asked the guys if they could source, a week later, super fast considering it was a special order from the US, the D'Eskabar code BKR24, turned up. I was looking for a strong small knife and this certainly is it, not much smaller in blade size than my F1, handle is short but scales make it feel very comfortable. Without scales its not so comfy. The finish is without coating and so I approve, but is rough. D2 can be finished to a very high polish, so a little part of me may high shine her at some point. Edge came a little rough as well, certainly not hair popping, and as its D2 it took a little longer to sort, however it does stay sharp.

    All in all once scales added and 20 mins on the diamond stone and a 5 star rating and service.
    (Posted on )
  5. bk14Review by
    Again amazing service by HH ordered Boxing day and arrived 28th.....The BK14 is a great little knife, I ordered the handles at the same time which you need - they make this knife perfect. I carry with my BK2 and BK9 and use it on all the small jobs and I will be ordering a 2nd BK14 to have one for BK9 and BK7 in custom made piggy back kydex sheaths made by azwelke in the states they will make the perfect sets to cover every need. (Posted on )
  6. WowReview by
    What a little knife, small, light, but feels great in the hand, can take some real abuse, have seen one previously, the one I have had delivered seems to have a much more durable coating to it, with a textured finish more like the Izula, time will tell how this wears compared to the old smooth finish, The sheath is what it is, was under no illusions, so not going to knock stars off the rating for something I was aware of, want to get an aftermarket leather one anyway, so is no problem, usual great service from HH, thanks! (Posted on )
  7. Eskabar: great. Sheath:rubbishReview by
    The knife is great. Sharp as begeezus out of the box, great with nylon (not paracord!) cording (included) handle wrap...then inexplicably dull. Culprit? The awful, glass filled sheath. Check out the knife expert on
    I'd rather the knife simply came without it!
    (Posted on )
  8. Great EDCReview by
    Ok, my second review, but after a bit more use and using as my EDC I had to get another for my Father.

    It keeps a good edge, but as it starts to inevitably dull it's a breeze to stone.

    I use my BK 14 & 2 daily and don't give them an easy time. Their comfort in the hand and the ability to soak up sustained use makes me a big fan.

    There's tonnes of reviews on YouTube for Beckers, most of which are pristine examples. Trust me, they work well.

    ..... the usual exemplary service from HH. Thanks guys!

    (Posted on )
  9. Awesome Little BladeReview by
    Well, no surprises I guess from HH. I sent two emails yesterday, to which they replied instantly, I ordered at 11:00 and I received it in the post by 1400 today! I don't know how these guys do it, but NO ONE can match them for service.

    Right, the knife. I bought this as a 'first use' knife to my BK2. I wanted something for finer tasks, but love the shape and versatility of the BK2. This is dry much in the same vain, but is a great, controllable size. It feels great in the hand (I have wrapped it for a little more girth) and seems very strong. I have already been splitting wood and making some great little feather sticks. It's certainly easier to produce fine tinder with this than the BK2. They compliment each other perfectly.

    Thanks HH!
    (Posted on )
  10. superbReview by
    Had this knife a while now so can offer some real honest thoughts. Very nice indeed is my first one! Very easy to sharpen and holds a good edge too. Use mine almost daily and can't say enough good things about it. Great little fixed blade, very happy. Just get one! (Posted on )
  11. excellentReview by
    Love it fantastic edc in the woods knife! Easy to pop in pocket or pack. It wood score 5 if it came with a belt clip. Came sharp but not amazing. Love the flat grind and the sheath. Easy to sharpen too. Holds an edge ok too. Just the right size and weight for woodland edc. Love it and recommend it! Simply excellent! (Posted on )
  12. pimpingReview by
    Lovely. The blade is sharp enough. Good size and shape. Me, I don't like black where I want to use for food prep so I've stripped it. Its remarkable how many imperfections are covered by the 'paint'. Now its jimped. This gives the handle loads of grip, much more sanitary than cord for skinning and food.
    Sheath? I dont like plastic. It clicks in very nicely. I've cut it down, wrapped it in wide insulation tape for now with cord it. It's now small, go-anywhere like the knife itself. I still think its the nicest of the skeleton knives I've seen. Jimped its soo sweet.
    (Posted on )
  13. Mighty ImpReview by
    Small but powerful knife. Lovely thickness for such a small blade. As regards carry, just paracord wrap the sheath... I have it set up (very easily) to accomodate a neck or normal belt carry. Also wrapped the handle Tsuka Ito style for better comfort / grip. Still leaves the Eskabar with a very slim profile. (Posted on )
  14. Great blade, poor sheathReview by
    This awesome little knife features a great flat-ground carbon steel blade with a reasonably thick spine. A minor downside is the sheath rattles, although the knife seems to be fairly secured. I also wish it came with a belt carry option. A great buy overall, I will EDC this knife for a while and see how it holds up. Thanks Heinnie! (Posted on )

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