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Bear Grylls Ultimate Knife

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Bear Grylls Ultimate Knife Ultimate Part-Serrated Blade

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Bear Grylls Ultimate Knife

18+ Age Restriction Icon

In Stock

Available for Delivery

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Bear Grylls Ultimate Knife

Bear Grylls Ultimate Knife



The Ultimate Knife is the pinnacle of Gerber’s Bear Grylls Survival Series. Intricately designed by Gerber and Bear, it’s loaded with innovations that won’t be found in any other fixed blade knife. Like everything in the Survival Series, it also includes Bear’s Priorities of Survival pocket guide.

Knife Features:
  • High Carbon Stainless Steel Drop Point Blade -
  • Ideal for edge retention and cutting rope
  • Ergonomic Textured Rubber Grip - Maximizes comfort and reduces slippage
  • Stainless Steel Pommel - At base of handle for hammering
  • Emergency Whistle - Integrated into lanyard cord Sheath Features:
  • Fire Starter - Ferrocerium rod locks into sheath, striker notch incorporated into back of knife blade
  • Nylon Sheath - Lightweight, military- grade, mildew resistant
  • Land to air rescue instructions
  • Diamond Sharpener - Integrated into sheath for on-the-go sharpening
  • Priorities of Survival - Pocket guide contains Bear’s survival essentials
  • Specification

    Code G0751-$$
    Brand: Bear Grylls
    Blade Material: High Carbon Stainless
    Blade Length (cm): 12.0
    Blade Thickness (cm): 0.5
    Overall Length (cm): 25.5
    Handle Material: Rubber


    1. A good concept But.................!Review by
      I have the ultimate knife with half serrated blade and have been using it for a couple of years.

      Initially the whole concept is great idea, knife, pommel, sharpener, fire steel, whistle and sturdy case.

      And to be fair for a knife that costs under £60 it performs brilliantly but it does have some floors:

      The steel doesn't hold a keen edge for long under moderate use, but at least you can re-sharpen it :) for fine work like skinning rabbits it's pretty useless but will get the job done if you don't mind the lack of finesse, the pommel is pretty good and you can beat the merry hell out of stuff without much effect to it, the fire steel woks, although its not the meatiest of steels it would get you out of a fix, the sheath is sturdy and holds the knife securely, however it's mounting options aren't that great, if anything it's just too uncomfortable to wear. And the whistle; well that works just fine.

      However all said and done its a good enough knife system for the money, if only to chuck it in your pack just in case, or as an introduction to knife skills to young bushcrafters

      You gets what you pay for, Fallkniven its not, if it were then this would be a different review!
      (Posted on )
    2. Helps you surviveReview by
      This knife and package will save your life if it's the only thing you have. You have the means to chop, baton, hunt, whistle for help, start a fire and even re-sharpen the blade. It will help you survive.

      This knife has recently been upgraded by a model that costs ú100 but the upgraded components are easily worth the extra ú35.

      Check out my video review here:
      (Posted on )
    3. Poor users blame the product.Review by
      I don't own this knife but I have used a friends on a camping trip and I'm not disappointed. Blade's dull out of the box? Sharpen it, no big deal. As for the double bevel making it hard to sharpen, that's utter bull mess, most knives have a double bevel(CS, SOG, Victorinox). The only "faults" I've read about on here are clearly user error combined with dislike for BG. The blade isn't "too thick for fine work" I used it to knock up a few tent pegs after the bog standard plastic ones snapped. The knife left a clean cut and the cord didn't even snag on the wood. Great knife, great price(<ú100 is very reasonable for a survival knife)and a companion for life. (Posted on )
    4. better out there for the moneyReview by
      Firstly the good points..
      Good handle, grips well in all weathers and with cold hands also the colour is good as it helps to not easily lose it.
      Bad points...
      nightmare to sharpen properly due the double bevel set up.
      Once you have it sharp it won't stay that way due to having 2 metal tabs inside the sheath that will drag along your blade on taking it in and out of the sheath.
      The metal for the blade is poor and doesn't hold an edge for long anyway.
      (Posted on )
    5. i dont get thisReview by
      Hmm to be honest I didn't expect much from this product and it didn't dissapoint on that premise. The blade is way too thick for any fine work and is not exactly the sharpest out of the box. The coating on the blade comes off easilly and seems like some tacticool afterthought. The firesteel is tiny and awkward to use (the knife has a very small striker edge on the spine). The only thing I liked about the product is a nice sheath with a good sharpener on the back of it. For the ú65 cost of this product I would get a Mora Clipper for ú15 a Bahco Laplander for ú20 and still have ú30 spare for a decent sharpener and a compass. Overall a waste of time and money for anyone thinking of getting into the outdoors. (Posted on )
    6. oh the shameReview by
      I have to start by saying I can't stand the tv show and so I didn't expect much when this knife was recommended to me. That being said this knife has really impressed me, no it won't cut like a Mora but it's not designed to. Stick this knife on your canoe vest and it will be there when you need it to help you get home! (Posted on )
    7. Give it a goReview by
      Blade is very decent, steel doesn't blunt easily, nice and thick and very sharp. Used it for hide building, batoning, game processing and it's performed perfectly. The sheath is well thought out with some cool features (most sheaths seem to be some tatty after thought, not here!). Handle is a good size, I have small hands so a little big for me, but still very comfortable and grippy. Forget your BG prejudice and get it, very decent! (Posted on )

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