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Bark River Bush Seax Black Canvas

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Bark River Bush Seax Black Canvas

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Bark River Bush Seax Black Canvas

18+ Age Restriction Icon

In Stock

Available for Delivery



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Bark River Bush Seax Black Canvas

Bark River Bush Seax Black Canvas



The Bark River Bush Seax is a modern interpretation of a classic European-style woodsman’s knife.
The original Bark River Seax, a prototype that never saw full production, was a very popular knife, a smaller version of the Viking-Germanic and later scramasax (Saxon short sword). This knife, the Bush Seax, is closer to examples tracing to the British Isles.

The semi-wharncliffe blade, with its slightly curved edge, makes short work of cutting on a flat surface, while also excelling at dressing suspended animals. The point is fine enough for tasks requiring precise control, and its subtle curve is more than adequate to start long cuts in hides or meat.
The crossover from game to bushcraft is obvious — the Bush Seax excels at carving, notching and scraping bark. It also makes a great all-around utility knife.
The Bark River Knives Bush Seax is a true piece of history, adapted to modern usage.


Code BA09110MBC
Limited Edition: No
Brand: Bark River
Blade Material: A-2
Blade Length (cm): 12.2
Blade Thickness (cm): 0.47
Overall Length (cm): 25.7
Blade Colour: Satin
Handle Colour: Black
Handle Material: Micarta
Handle Material (Text): Black Canvas Micarta
Blade Finish: Satin
Blade Hardness (HRC): 58-60
Blade Shape: Wharncliff
Blade Type: Plain
Product Weight (g): 280
Youtube Link: Watch Youtube Video


  1. All of bark river knives are goodReview by
    I just want to point out firstly about the review above: he mentioned that his seax rusts really easey and been a butcher he should know better as meat especially red meat has a lot of salt in the blood and flesh and blood has iron oxide (AKA RUST) and it will cause a high carbon tool steel such as A2 or O1 to rust very quick in no time at all so it’s not bark river knives fault. I own 3 bark river knives and it will 4 tomorrow and because he didn’t look after his knife it rusted. Why do you think butchers meat cleavers and knives are made of stainless steel ?. Anyway onto my review. A2 is a fantastic steel because it’s not a PM steel and like YXR7 or O1 is a matrix steel - this means that it’s chipping factor 1 to 10 island 10 been the most resistant and 1 been the least resistant A2 and O1 is about 8 and edge holding is about a 7 but like any steel it all depends on the heat treatments- to hard means it will chip to easey to soft means it won’t hold an edge long so the sweet spot is right in the middle to get the best of both, equally balanced but as I mentioned above both A2 and 01 are high carbon tool steels so one needs to be mindfull of that and take precautions and always oil the knife to stop the metal from oxidising and all so oil the sheath to keep the leather from absorbing water and mink oil is the best for leather all so great for leather strops. It pays dividends to look after your knives because if you don’t that will happen to what happened to this poor guy above, I was always taught when training to become a mechanical engineer I was taught to all ways look after your tools and they will look after you........... and your wallet. (Posted on )
  2. ShockingReview by
    Initially the knife is well made as is the sheath. the design is excellent for the job I intended the knife for, mostly preparing food and general utility, but the quality of the steel leaves a great deal to be desired. the blade has badly tarnished and rusts at the slightest presence of moisture not what you would expect with a knife of this price range and I handle and use knives on a daily basis for a living (I'm a master butcher and an x gamekeeper). I would never buy a Bark River Knife again and i've owned and used a large variety of knives in my time and can honestly say this worst knife I've ever bought, quality of the steel is just shocking so don't bother. very P****ed off.
    (Posted on )

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