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U.S. Made 550 Plain Paracord 15 metres

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U.S. Made 550 Plain Paracord 15 metres

test 1U.S. Made 550 Plain Paracord 15 metres Thumbnail Imagetest 2U.S. Made 550 Plain Paracord 15 metrestest 3test 4
test 1U.S. Made 550 Plain Paracord 15 metres Thumbnail Imagetest 2U.S. Made 550 Plain Paracord 15 metrestest 3test 4
test 1U.S. Made 550 Plain Paracord 15 metres Thumbnail Imagetest 2U.S. Made 550 Plain Paracord 15 metrestest 3test 4

U.S. Made 550 Plain Paracord 15 metres

In Stock

Available for Delivery

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From: €5.00
  •   OD Green Cord
  •   Purple Cord
  •   Neon-Green(Cord)
  •   Yellow(Cord)
  •   Red Cord
  •   Khaki(Cord)
  •   Orange Cord
  •   White Cord
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U.S. Made 550 Plain Paracord 15 metres

U.S. Made 550 Plain Paracord 15 metres

From: €5.00


Paracord is a must have, great for camping, hiking, military, survival, etc. A great addition to any survival kit or pack, this rope has almost endless uses. With a breaking strain of 550 lbs (249kg) this is very strong stuff with a seven strand core construction. Rot & Mildew Resistant. Available in several colours and in lengths of 15m.


Code RG009S-15-$$
Limited Edition: No
Brand: Paracord
Overall Length (cm): 1,500.0
Product Weight (g): 102


  1. 15m of goodnessReview by
    Paracord of great quality, elasticity and resistance. If I ever run out of the 15m I bought, I will surely buy again.
    (Posted on )
  2. Poor Quality Review by
    Its not genuine Paracord ok for GP use but its lumpy inconsistent and poor quality hence its cheap (Posted on )
  3. good cordReview by
    First cord from this brand. So far no disappointment. Decent quality for its price. Will certainly do the job. Service from HH as always A+ (Posted on )
  4. Alright for the moneyReview by
    I've had both red and coyote paracord from this company. I've found the product is very inconsistent with the coyote feeling very nice and high quality however the red is much flatter and feels like cheaper material which I don't understand. However both are 7 strand and strong and will get the job done. Decent quality and good price range , Atwoid just really need to step up their Quality & control (Posted on )
  5. 3 Colours - 3 Different CordsReview by
    Black - Round Cord
    Red - flat cord
    Carolina Blue - round but with kinks in the inner every few mm Lumpy & Very poor quality

    Bought to plait together but useless like this - how can they all come from the same source?
    (Posted on )
  6. Great paracordReview by
    I ordered the red and yellow paracord it is very strong and there are a lot of colours to pick from so I will definately order more if I need it.

    Amazing delivery time by HH and very well packed.
    (Posted on )
  7. good for price.Review by
    Good cord but slightly inconsistent, had batches of black and red and there is a difference between the two. The black nice and round, the red is flatter, they both have the same construction inside and are several stranded and strong cords. I will order again however as good for money and my purposes. (Posted on )
  8. good stuffReview by
    Cheap and strong, does the job well and a million uses! (Posted on )
  9. carolina blue paracordReview by
    Ask the guys at Hennies if it was possible to get a blue cord for beavers(mini scouts!)workshop evening, they managed to get this for me at short notice, AMAZING SERVICE !!! (Posted on )
  10. not proper paracord, but still decentReview by
    This isn't proper paracord, and from what I've heard seems to be variable in quality, the batch I ordered had 7 inner strands, all the same colour, and those inner strands were made up of 2 strands.

    Proper paracord has 7 inner strands where 1 is made of 2 colours, and each inner strand has 3 strands, so this is not authentic paracord.

    But nonetheless it is still a good quality product, quite useable for a variety of tasks, I have yet to do proper stress tests yet but it seems to do the job.
    (Posted on )
  11. Re-ordered: big disappointmentReview by
    Having previously ordered two lengths of the khaki, I ordered more, and after a short delay due to being out of stock, received a completely different product. First batch was round profile, very strong construction, inner strands (6) thick, quality product; second batch flat profile, outer sleeve was hard to the touch, inner strands half the thickness of the first batch and much poorer quality. Serious disappointment. Won't order again without checking. (Posted on )
  12. Yellow ParacordReview by
    Excellent yellow paracord which is a bright colour and high visibility too so you don?t lose your gear in winter. Excellent delivery service from HH. (Posted on )
  13. outstanding qualityReview by
    This is the real deal,strong and very little stretch to it....and plenty tough enough to support me swinging on one 6ft length of it tied to a branch!
    Normal psychic-ly quick HH delivery as well ;0)
    (Posted on )
  14. Needs no IntroductionReview by
    Fantastic quality cordage for hundreds of uses. The palette of colours needs increasing though. (Posted on )
  15. Proper Paracord great price.Review by
    I've bought the yellow and the purple paracord.
    The yellow is certainly bright, the purple not such a strong colour.
    Great cordage though, good quality at a good price. This is a couple of quid cheaper per 15m than I've been buying and the quality is the same.
    Pity there's no olive drab or black because I would like to change my current supplier.

    (Posted on )
  16. spot onReview by
    Quality product, hope they introduce more of Atwoods range, first class service from H.H. (Posted on )
  17. Purple paracordReview by
    It's paracord, and it's purple. Quality rope with excellent service as usual. (Posted on )
  18. Have you been roped in yet?Review by
    The best paracord I've ever used. As others have said, the build quality of this rope is far superior to the standard type you can pick up for a few quid. You get what you pay for. Great service as ever from HH.
    (Posted on )
  19. "Proper" CordReview by
    This is the real 550, seven strand paracord. Nice and thick, good stiffness for knots and the usual Heinnie 5* service. You get what you pay for..... (Posted on )
  20. GoodReview by
    A tighter weave and thicker than the Bushcraft green cord. It's heavier in weight and doesn't feel as soft. Definitely high quality, but then it's more expensive. (Posted on )
  21. I ordered the…Review by
    I ordered the yellow and red cord. It arrived in the typical (very good) Heinnie timescale of a few days. It seems to be 'proper' paracord not the usual polyester(?) rubbish, but I haven't used it yet to confirm that! (Posted on )

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