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Arthur Wright Sheepsfoot Rosewood

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Stock due in 14 - 21 Days

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Arthur Wright Sheepsfoot Rosewood

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Arthur Wright Sheepsfoot Rosewood

18+ Age Restriction Icon

Out Of Stock

Stock due in 14 - 21 Days



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Arthur Wright Sheepsfoot Rosewood

Arthur Wright Sheepsfoot Rosewood



The Wright Sheepsfoot Rosewood is a traditionally styled piece made in the heart of the historic Sheffield knife making industry. It is a sturdy no-nonsense utility knife. It features a carbon steel blade, brass liners and nickel bolsters. The blade is non-locking, under three inches long and therefore legal to carry within the UK.


Limited Edition: No
Brand: Arthur Wright
Blade Material: Sheffield Carbon steel
Blade Length (cm): 6.4
Overall Length (cm): 16.5
Handle Material: Wood
Lock Type: Non-locking
UK Friendly Carry: Yes
Sheath: No
Pocket Clip: No


  1. A wright sheepsfootReview by
    This folder has its own quality specs similar to the lambsfoot easier to open with more depth to the blade mine has no blade play .I would say its meant to be the way it is when farmer wants to get the balls of a lamb quick came fairly blunt but that shouldn't be a problem to anyone time for a little honing session I would say I am happy with my purchase (Posted on )
  2. Better than the reviews below suggestReview by
    I ordered one of these as I had no Arthur Wright knife in my collection and chose the Sheepsfoot as I like the look of the blade.

    Yes, the blade is fractionally off-centre when closed bu not only is this a problem with some of my much more expensive knives, it does not rub.

    Yes, it arrived "B.A.F." but 20 minutes with my Lansky system rectified this to a shaving 20 degree edge.

    It is a pretty, solidly built knife that I can see lasting decades of use. And all for £17. What's not to love.
    (Posted on )
  3. If only it were sharp!Review by
    As ever with an Arthur Wright knife, it came pretty dull, no, let’s not mince our words, blunt! However, this is easily rectified and I do like the carbon steel. Once sharpened, this makes a great and very traditional everyday pocket knife, that I really do love. I do also have their lambs foot in horn and with some excellent file-work, but, being larger, this makes a better knife. All that being said, I use their pruner more. What links all of these is that they are UK made traditional patterns, and I like that. In fact my one of my most beautiful everyday knives is a Taylor’s Eye Witness Barlow with lovely file-work and lustrous, buttery ram’s horn scales (actually arrived razor sharp!). I love traditional patterns!

    HH, please use your good offices to suggest that A Wright & Son sharpen their blades properly and tidy their quality control, please.
    (Posted on )
  4. Superb! Bargain!Review by
    A great knife. I also got a Lambsfoot, but the wife swiped this as it can be opened with your fingers, not nails! In fact this is practical even if you're not worried about snapping a nail - the blade an be opened when your hands are cold and wet - just what you need on the farm! The knife is very well finished (and I am very... particular!), with perfect grind, scales, lever and rivets. I've German pocket knives costing 10 times as much, with worse finishing. Well done the lads and lasses at A.Wright! Makes you proud to be British! Superb! Perfect service from HH once more. So fast, so reliable - best mail order in the UK? (Posted on )
  5. Sheffield IS best !Review by
    Moved to write this as I ordered the farmer knife yesterday, received it this morning ! There is not a fraction of play anywhere, the quality of finish is as good as the Wright knives I have, and far better than all others I have ( well over 100 knives, newer as well as vintage) , and it was razor sharp out of the package. All in all, unbelievable value.. As Delia Smith might say " not a poncey knife" !! All in all, truly staggering value.. Now for the 80mm lambs foot ! (Posted on )
  6. Light but sturdy non threatening knifeReview by
    I was a little apprehensive when reading about the quality control issues, but I wanted a really old fashioned English knife and thought it was worth a shot for the money. I have mostly been buying Rough Rider knives recently. I'm glad I did, since mine turned out to be quite good. Fit and finish was perfectly acceptable, and it was reasonably sharp. It took me longer than expected to get really sharp, so the heat treat seems to be good. Holds the edge well enough too. It's not the most polished knife, but I didn't expect that for the price. As long as it works, I'll be happy, and it does! It locks very solidly, and feels very sturdy, despite being such a small knife. I've had mine for about six months now, and the blade now has a nice patina. The wood and bolsters have too, from bouncing around my pockets, and it looks and feels like a proper 19th century farmers knife. Still locks as well as the day I got it. The one thing I have changed about it is the edge bevel. It was a bit too obtuse for my taste, so I put a sharper angle on it with a file and a diamond stone. Now it's perfect. Never being satisfied carrying just one knife, I usually carry this along with something more pointy, like an Opinel. It's light enough for that.

    I also have a Rough Rider Coal Miner Half Hawk, which is also a very nice, sturdy knife, but quite large and heavy. The A Wright feels like it can do the same jobs, but for much less weight, and with better steel.

    HH service is as always perfect. Ordering to Sweden has worked perfectly every time, and usually the item is sent within hours, if not minutes!
    (Posted on )
  7. Great knife for every day useReview by
    I was looking for an everyday knife to carry, and anted to get something that looked traditional, and less aggressive stran some other knives. This is good quality, cheap, very solid and well made, and I expect to get plent of use out of it.

    Unlike other reviews, non problem with quality at all,
    (Posted on )
  8. Definitely worth a punt.Review by
    I took a fancy to try a modern, Sheffield made, pocket knife and this one fit the bill quite nicely. Given the mixed reviews this knife has already received I wasn't sure what to expect, but I'm happy to say I've been pleasantly surprised. Yes, there is a little gapping between the brass liners and the backspring, and yes, the blade wasn't razor sharp. However the blade did have a perfectly serviceable "working" edge that would let you get on with the job of cutting stuff. Given the price point of this knife I'm extremely happy with what I've got.

    The knife itself is comfortable to hold and it just about big enough to use for extended periods, whittling say, without giving me a cramp in my hand. A problem that I have if a knife handle is much smaller that this.

    The blade shape is easy to work on and my feeling after sharpening it is that it's got a decent heat treatment on it. I did ease the kick on the blade to drop it a little lower into the handle but that was a personal choice and didn't need doing. Also worth mentioning is the stiff backspring. I say stiff, but what I mean is demoniacally possessed piece of steel that thinks it's a bear trap. This isn't a knife for those with weak fingernails or the faint of heart. Given the blade shape and the strength of the backspring I cannot imagine this ever folding back unexpectedly.

    As I said, this is a knife I've been very pleasantly surprised by and I know it's going to be a knife I carry and use a lot over the coming years.
    (Posted on )
  9. Good knife for the price Review by
    Great service from Hennie, the knife arrived within a day.
    It appears to be a good little knife for the price, reasonable construction and already with a useable edge. Much nicer than I expected to be honest.
    Really pleased with it
    (Posted on )
  10. Avoid Review by
    This is the worst knife I've ever seen. Just came in the post today after ordering a day ago (thanks heinnie) and this thing is unbelievably bad. It seems like a child made it. They clearly have no idea how to construct, grid, heat treat or sharpen a knife. I thought it'd be a project because of the price but I'm shocked at what arrived. You can get an Opinel for half the price and it will out perform this junk in every aspect. If you want a blunt knife that veers off wildly to one side, no half stop, a gritty rough action, uneven grind and poor fit and finish, then this is the "knife" for you. Very dissapointed that this came from the UK. Arthur Wright should be ashamed to be putting this rubbish on the market under the Sheffield name. (Posted on )
  11. cant go wrongReview by
    this is great little pocket knife not to big or small takes a great edge on ny lansky system .hand made what more can you get for the money . sheepsfoot blades are great for every day carry wow what a little knife love it buy one . (Posted on )
  12. Its Own Unique CharacterReview by
    A Wright knives are made using 1940s manufacturing technology which means they are assembled by hand. As a result, you will not get utterly perfect fit and finish for this money as you would with a mass-produced knife. Occasionally a dud or apprentice sampler may escape from the production line. My knife has some minor uneven manufacturing artefacts on it . I can easily tell it has been made by hand, but I am well-pleased with my purchase.

    My knife is robust and it has some weight and heft to it.It opens, closes and stays open properly, there is no blade wobble and the blade sits central in the frame. The blade is stamped and ground properly and it was sharp when it arrived. It has carbon steel spring and blade, brass liners and riveting, nickel bolsters and rosewood grips.

    This knife is harking back to a bygone age for sure but it is entirely practical for everyday use. A lot of modern designs look quite stabby to me whereas this knife looks elegant and old school. I don't really trust liner locks and back locks I find dangerous to disengage. I regret that the little UK-legal Spyderco knives look so sinister because they are good knives. Shame.

    I recommend these knives.
    (Posted on )
  13. Good knife for the priceReview by
    It's not the flashiest design, but it's a great pocket companion for the price with character like a plate of vintage cheddar and pickles. (Posted on )
  14. a poor example of british craftsmanshipReview by
    Out of the envelope the blade was blunt and off centre and the action gritty. I have Scandinavian, Japanese, American, German and Chinese made knives all of good, high quality. It's embarrassing this blade has Sheffield, England on it. (Posted on )
  15. Good basic traditional pocket knifeReview by
    Got one of these a month or so back, very traditional "working" look pocket knife. The rosewood is pretty light, which is good for carrying constantly and the slip joint is really strong - it feels very safe when open, and it will never open in your pocket by mistake. It is inexpensive, and that definitely shows in the finer detail - but you get what you pay for, and for a reliable knife that will last and work hard, it's great. (Posted on )

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