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Arthur Wright Lambsfoot Stag Workback - Right Hand

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Arthur Wright Lambsfoot Stag Workback - Right Hand

test 1Arthur Wright Lambsfoot Stag Workback - Right Hand Thumbnail Imagetest 2Arthur Wright Lambsfoot Stag Workback - Right Handtest 3test 4
test 1Arthur Wright Lambsfoot Stag Workback - Right Handtest 2Arthur Wright Lambsfoot Stag Workback - Right Handtest 3Arthur Wright Lambsfoot Stag Workback - Right Handtest 4 Arthur Wright Lambsfoot Stag Workback - Right Hand

Arthur Wright Lambsfoot Stag Workback - Right Hand

18+ Age Restriction Icon

Out Of Stock

Stock due in 14 - 21 Days



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Arthur Wright Lambsfoot Stag Workback - Right Hand

Arthur Wright Lambsfoot Stag Workback - Right Hand



This Arthur Wright knife shows the true craftsmanship of the Sheffield knife maker. Stag horn handles show off the file worked brass liners and traditional pattern work back spring. Nickel silver bolsters and a jimped back on the blade which in turn has been ground to an elegant point then highly polished.


Limited Edition: No
Brand: Arthur Wright
Blade Material: C70 Carbon Steel
Blade Length (cm): 6.4
Blade Thickness (cm): 0.2
Overall Length (cm): 11.4
Blade Hardness (HRC): 56-58 HRC
Blade Shape: Sheepsfoot
Handle Material: Stag
Lock Type: Non-locking
UK Friendly Carry: Yes


  1. Some definite issuesReview by
    Bought this in December 2016. I justified the purchase by convincing myself that this was the gentleman's pocket knife that I would keep my whole life and perhaps even pass on. Unfortunately, after two years of ownership it was looking in a sorry state.

    The first problem was my fault and not the knife's. I lost it for a few months and by the time I'd found it again it had developed some rust. This was a bit worse than surface rust and needed the lightest of sanding to restore. Unfortunately, as the knife cannot be taken apart easily the rust between the scales cannot be accessed and is getting worse. This is my fault but is also, in my opinion, a shortcoming of riveted knives made in a steel that has a relatively low resistance to rust.

    Secondly, I don't really understand the whole left-handed/right-handed thing. Once scale is thinner and concave and the other is thicker and convex. I really can't see how the asymmetry is helpful whichever way I am holding the knife. I would have preferred both scales the same.

    I suppose I'm going to have to take the rivets out to clean the rust so I might as well make some symmetrical replacement scales whilst I'm at it. Not something that I wanted to have to do to such a nice looking knife.
    (Posted on )
  2. Classic pocket goldReview by
    Bought this classic pocket knife to be a gift. Really please with the example I received, excellent file work on the back of the blade and back spring. Pretty sure it’s not the nail nick that denotes this knife as left or right hand. The horn handles are matched so that one scale is scalloped where your *index finger wraps under. The blade itself is polished and takes a sharp edge with ease. Lovely example of a knife still made in Sheffield. (Posted on )
  3. Excellent all roundReview by
    First of all a thank you to Heinnie for the excellent service and fast postage. Secondly what a awsome little pocket knife. Sturdy, very well made with no cosmetic faults. Workmanship is of genuine quality.... and I'm really fussy over this stuff! Came sharp, few stokes on a steel and it shaves hairs of, worked back looks great. Opens and closes with a reassuring snap and with no sideways movement of the blade. In all I'm very happy and will be back. (Posted on )
  4. DisappointedReview by
    I've had the Senator for a couple of years and I'm generally pleased with it so decided to go for the workback. The knife arrived next day (great service) in a jiffy bag, the knife itself was wrapped in clear plastic and as soon as I took it out of the jiffy bag I could see the first problem , the blade is completely off center and touching the liner on one side.

    I took it out of the plastic wrapper to give it a once over and found the dodgy blade centering isn't the only issue, the fit and finish are pretty bad in general

    Gap on one side between the stag scales and the liner
    Gap between liner and back spring that I could watch TV through
    There's also a dink in the underside of one of the bolsters

    The stag scales are also thicker on one side than the other and one side is convex and the other concave. I don't know if this is actually intentional and why it's called "right hand". I 'd assumed right hand just referred to the placement of the nail nick but perhaps it refers to this, either way I don't care for it, I prefer symetrical scales

    To be honest I'm a bit disappointed that this was sent out like this, the off centre blade was clearly visible through the plastic wrapper. I appreciate that returns are free but it's still inconvenient to have to send it back

    So it's going back and won't be bothering with another as I think there's a high probability that a second would also have issues. I really wanted to like this knife but it's put me off Arthur Wright, don't think I'll bother with there products again (unless it's in a shop where I can sort through half a dozen and pick the best)

    (Posted on )
  5. Clever leftyReview by
    a simple thing like having the nail nick on other side shows time and consideration for us lefties, so answering gents below yes they are just opposite, stunning knife I have had mine for several years and its a lovley hand me down keepsake as will go forever. (Posted on )
  6. Confused ??Review by
    Being an avid knife collector, fancy getting one of these "older fashioned" knives for my Dad's birthday. He probably won't appreciate it and will end up throwing it in one of his junk drawers and will stick to his wee Leatherman Micra I gave him years ago. I'm a bit confused that HH offer this knife as both a left and right handed knife. Is this a joke / error ?? Whats the differance ?? Images of both, look the same. Is the nail nick on different sides of the blade depending on which model you choose ?? Any advice appreciated. Dad is right handed. (Posted on )
  7. Great knifeReview by
    I bought the LH version 18 months ago, it's still my edc, takes and holds a razor edge for some time and gets used for a variety of tasks from opening boxes to whittling/ carving. The carbon steel blade is beginning to develop a nice patina, glad I took the chance and bought it despite a few negative reviews. Can't recommend it enough. Pity they don't make a spearpoint version... (Posted on )
  8. Left hand versionReview by
    Just bought a second one of these (the left hand version as it?s currently a) in stock and b) ú25 cheaper!). It?s as good as the first one I bought-great little sharp knife which is admired by many people who see it. Very tactile, bought a second as I liked the first one so much! (Posted on )
  9. great little knifeReview by
    Great little knife, fast delivery, no file work on blade and not very sharp but getting there. Well made and will be carried all ways. (Posted on )
  10. good knifeReview by
    I received my left hand version a few weeks ago. It took a few firm swipes on my ceramic rods to make it useable but that's not a problem. It's well built, the spring is firm and feels safe in use - a lot firmer than my Spidey Terzuola which WAS my edc. The only downside is that the blade spine was not engraved as illustrated but it will strike a firesteel open or closed. For the price it's a bargain. Impeccable service from HH as per usual! (Posted on )
  11. BrilliantReview by
    Like a previous reviewer, I've stayed clear of Wrights knives on the basis of, to be kind, mixed reviews but I'm very happy with this knife. For your money you won't get anything like perfection - it's mix of very refined and quite crude with immaculate file work on the blade and back spring while the beading on the liners is perfect. However, unlike the two Trevor Ablett knives I own, the blade centring is woeful and has to rub near the tip of the blade while there's some rub on the lower part of the ricasso. However, this knife's flaws just add to its character and don't detract from its looks or functionality. The lock up on the blade is rock solid while the file work acts like jimping for your thumb and gives a very good hold on the knife. The knife is also sharp from new, which isn't typical of Sheffield made knives in my experience. All in all, this is what a Sheffield pocket knife should be; tough, well made and in yer face traditional. In a word, brilliant. (Posted on )
  12. lovely little knife...Review by
    Looking at the picture here and comparing my own knife, which has identically marked & coloured stag handles I am certain that mine is the same knife used for this picture (doesn?t look like Heinnie used a stock photo for this, and the chances of two stag handled knives having the same handles are huge), which is nice. Got this about a week before xmas and have carried it every day as it?s a grand little knife and sold here at substantially less than Wright?s own website. (Posted on )
  13. Lovely!Review by
    What a surprise!
    After all the negative reviews I've seen for Arthur Wright knives, I'd avoided them so far.
    When I saw this one for only 30 quid I couldn't resist having a punt and I'm glad I did!
    What a lovely knife, nice fit and finish (though the blade is a little off centre when closed but I can forgive that.)
    Took only a couple of strokes on the Lansky and it's shaving sharp - good carbon steel as it should be on a traditional Sheffield folder.
    (Posted on )
  14. mrReview by
    A nice knife with quality writen all over it. However, blade only measures two and three quarter inches. Finish better than TW Ablett equivalent costing fifteen pounds more. Only the use of Samber Stag scales could improve the look of the knife in my opinion, thats why it got a 4 not a five. (Posted on )
  15. MrReview by
    A review more to do with Hennies first class service rather then this beautiful little knife...I ordered it late on the evening of Dec 21st and it arrived on the morning of the 23rd...fantastic knife, fantastic Heinnies! (Posted on )

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