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5.11 Double Duty TDU Belt

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5.11 Double Duty TDU Belt 1.5" Coyote Black XX Large

test 15.11 Double Duty TDU Belt 1.5" Coyote Black XX Largetest 25.11 Double Duty TDU Belttest 35.11 Double Duty TDU Belt 1.5" Coyote Black XX Largetest 4 5.11 Double Duty TDU Belt 1.5" Coyote Black XX Large
test 15.11 Double Duty TDU Belt Thumbnail Imagetest 25.11 Double Duty TDU Belttest 3test 4

5.11 Double Duty TDU Belt

In Stock

Available for Delivery

  •   Coyote 511
  •   Green
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5.11 Double Duty TDU Belt

5.11 Double Duty TDU Belt



5.11 Tactical provides high quality Tactical Belts for use in almost any environment. They are made for everyday casual wear, plus 5.11 have added special features for carrying your tools more comfortably and securely in tactical operations. There is a large selection of leather and Tactical Belts to meet all your day to day apparel needs. 5.11 Belts are made to be strong, durable and highly functional. Not only are there Tactical Belts that ensure the safety of your gear but there are also belts that can be called upon in emergency situations with the quick click of a carabineer.

The Double Duty TDU Belt features:

  • Reversible design gives you 2 color options
  • Non-metallic buckle - great for air travel and safe for EOD
  • 5 rows of stitching for stability
  • Easy thread belt tip


  • Two Layers of heavy duty nylon webbing with five rows of stitching, and a Micro-adjustable buckle for greater comfort and perfect fit.


  • Perfect for work, travel, or deployment, the reversible Double Duty Belts allow you to pack light and match at the same time.
  • Specification

    Code 511-59568-$$
    Limited Edition: No
    Brand: 511
    Fit: 1.5' wide


    1. Nice BeltReview by
      My waist measurement is 33", so I went for the Large size because of other reviews that said the sizing was small. The canvas part of the Large size (excluding buckle) is 45", so there's a little more play that I expected, but I can live with it.
      It comes coiled and shrink-wrapped, so it's not possible to check sizing without opening the packaging, after which you won't be able to return.
      As others have mentioned the buckle is bulky, and it's slower to tighten and remove than other belts, but it holds tight and should last.
      (Posted on )
    2. Excellent for tactical travellingReview by
      A superb high quality belt as expected from 5.11.

      An added benefit is being non metallic it saves the whole taking your belt off at airport security charade, important when one is travelling frequently.
      (Posted on )
    3. Excellent BeltReview by
      I've had one of these belts over 2 years now, and it still looks like new. It's a good no-nonsense design, well-made, and stiff enough to carry belt-mounted equipment. If you have a long drive, or spend a lot of time seated, you may have it a little stiff, but for everything else it's great. (Posted on )
    4. A belt you will hand downReview by
      I was not prepared for the sheer quality of the 5:11 double duty belt, it is awesome.
      At first the thickness and stiffness was too much, but the belt quickly became supple and now is really comfortable to wear.
      I also like that it is reversible, I have the black/green combo and can use it for work, reversing it to the green for my khaki pants.
      Just buy a size bigger than you need and you are good to go with an heirloom quality belt.
      (Posted on )
    5. Small sizeReview by
      I completely forgot to mention in the review I wrote yesterday about the sizing issue. I definitely recommend that you purchase the next size up. I wear 34" or 36" trousers, so the large size should be ideal but is actually barely long enough to thread through the buckle. The XL size is just about perfect for me and has enough spare belt to allow me to get a good hold of it and thread it through the first one or two belt loops.

      One other thing to note is that due to the extra thickness of the belt, you may find that the end of the belt is a bit difficult to fit through your belt loops when tucking in the excess but most trousers should cope fine.
      (Posted on )
    6. Excellent quality but small sizingReview by
      The quality of this belt is really good for the price and the double sided design really adds to the value for money and versatility. The extra thickness also makes the belt twice a rigid as similar designs which will allow you to hang heavier items like an axe from the waist without the belt deforming.

      The buckle its self is a good size and the belt is easy to thread thanks to the tapered end. However due to the rigidity of the material it can be tricky to pull the belt tight. After some trial and error I found a decent method but it requires some dexterity. The other issue that the thickness causes is that it makes the buckle bulge out a bit too much but no more than some chunky buckles. The other slight issue I found was that the end of the belt had some sharp edges where it had been melted to prevent fraying. I sorted this out easily with a gentle rub of 120 grit sandpaper.

      If the buckle could be redesigned to make it easier to adjust the belt's tension and make it lower profile I would give this five stars. As it stands it gets 4 stars from me.
      (Posted on )
    7. Only one flawReview by
      The belt is really stiff and strong, it's well finished and looks good . The coyote brown side of mine isn't as bright as the one pictured which is fine by me.

      The flaw is that it's very hard to cinch it tight, because of the way it holds (the ribbed surface of the belt against itself and the buckle) and the stiffness of the material, as it gets tighter you have to feed through from one side and then pull from the other without letting it slip back, not an easy task. You can't just pull through as the material locks up.
      (Posted on )
    8. strong beltReview by
      The usual very fast delivery from HH. The belt, as has been said by other reviewers, is of excellent quality. It could do with a belt loop to thread the excess belt through after fastening. If your trouser belt loops are very wide you might not need this - but the extra thickness of this belt meant I had to make a loop to thread the excess through. The buckle area is a bit bulky due to the thickness . A quick release devise would have been an improvement. (Posted on )
    9. Pretty good beltReview by
      This is a very nice belt. The buckle is a little slow in use but is very robust. The belt is thick and an excellent fit and doesn't roll or distort. The whole double sided colour thing works great. Just loses a star for the lack of a quick release buckle but it's still very good (Posted on )
    10. A very firm and high quality belt.Review by
      Normally with belts in this style you see them drooping down when people wear them and they bounce all over the place when people walk. But this belt is essentially two belts sown very securely together to provide the two colour choice.

      I initially overlooked this belt because I saw no black on the colour picker, but after talking with someone from Heinnie on the phone they told me all the colours have black on the other side. VERY nice... So with this product you get a belt that will fit any size, accommodate for any weight loss or gain, stays firm, if you carry things on your belt they will be more secure and stay in position much better.

      The thickness of the belt is almost 5mm, so if you carry things on your belt make sure your pack/holster/sheath or what ever it is you carry on there has enough room to fit 5mm thick belt going through. My maxpedition keyper and flashlight holster fit perfectly, but my blackberry holster (both my newer one and older one) do not fit. Fortunately for me the TDU trousers I recently bought have a compartment inside the leg pockets that fits it perfectly, but failing this it might have been a bit problematic to figure out the best place to carry my phone because of the thickness.

      So all in all, it is an extremely.... well designed and built product. You will be very happy with it. Just be careful about what I said about the thickness.
      (Posted on )
    11. Buy a size upReview by
      I got this belt in my usual waist size and it barely went around me. I exchanged for a little larger (thanks HH for perfect service) and it fits very well but could still be a little longer (especially if I were trying to fit 'something' inside my waistband, as I'm sure many of 5.11's customers do). Feels well made and tough, having a change of colours is a nice bonus. (Posted on )
    12. Good beltReview by
      Overall good belt and I've stopped getting those 'mysterious' holes at the front of T-shirts which were caused by metal buckles: always wondered what caused them. The plastic buckle bit on this sticks out more than with most belts - that's the only downside I'd say - but it's not really an issue.. The thickness makes it feel quite sturdy and it's better than the less expensive black 5.11 belt in this category. If only HH could keep the large coyote size in stock. (Posted on )
    13. Ace!Review by
      These are fantastic quality belts. I have had mine for many years and it shows no sign of wear. They keep their shape and don't fold over even with my lardy gut. It is dead handy having the two colours on the one belt. Brilliant. (Posted on )

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